Monday, September 2, 2013


Went to Woobar cos of the pretty good reviews on Honeycombers and on a few other places online. Sad to say that it was pretty disappointing once the novelty of the hanging birdcage wore off, which was pretty quick.

The obligatory tea in the high tea - lots of teas to choose from
The most impressive part of the high tea - I was hankering for the chocolate foie gras tart (actually, that was the main reason why I wanted to try Woobar!)
It did not disappoint, but I won't advise you to come here all the way for it.
I liked the goats cheese and smoked salmon roll, which was cleverly disguised to look like a creamy swiss roll.

The chicken brioche was average bordering on mehhh and slightly dry. None of the delicious buttery brioche that I associate with Wild Honey.

 The impressive hanging birdcage - which actually comprises of alot of 'fillers' and not that much real food.
 The brightly coloured pau- look-alikes are really marshmallows in coconut, strawberry and mint. Intensely sweet and really not my cup of tea.
The jar in the middle is filled with some chocolates which were really not very impressive, furthermore, I was already feeling the sugar rush from the scones and after sampling a bit of the marshmallow.
The prawn roll was not warm, oily and really very average. In fact, if it was at a buffet table, I would have skipped. it.
The green buns on the right are egg mayo buns, which tasted like something I could have whipped up at home myself.

To be fair, the scones were really nice (similar to the Drawing Room at St Regis) and the clotted cream and passionfruit curd were nice, but it wasn't nice enough to salvage the whole meal. The dainty lemon meringue tart was good but really, there's not enough good food in the whole set to justify the price.

The macaroons only added to the overall sugar rush and by the time we were mostly done, our hypocounts were probably high. (I think I'm growing old I don't particularly like macaroons now despite being crazy over them when i was still studying).

For a hotel, the service was dismal.
Firstly, it was a weekday, and I called in to make a reservation about 1hour before we went down. They were having a media event the day we went, and they didnt' inform us that the inner dining area would be reserved for this event, and that we would be sitting in the lobby area (where it felt like the whole world was walking past).

So we were first seated on these uncomfortable wooden chairs which was an absolute ergonomic horror. Fortunately, before our food came, we moved over to these slightly more comfortable chairs (which also were like beds). The whole time we were eating there, there were all these works dragging huge bulky signs and backdrops, and lots and lots of people rushing around preparing for their media event.

I thought the least they could do was to inform us that they were having a media event and that it may be noisy, cos the ambience was totally ruined. Especially since the whole point of coming for high tea was to have a nice and peaceful relaxing environment to chill.

When I called to make the reservation, I also enquired if they provided complimentary parking, which they said they did. When I asked for the complimentary carpark ticket after the meal, I was told by the staff that they do not provide complimentary parking. Their lack of consistency is ridiculous and in my opinion, not acceptable for a 5 star hotel.

Bad service aside, for the same price, give yourself a little more tlc and go somewhere that serves proper food, in proper sizes. There are many other places that do decent high tea for the same price, so if you have the rare opportunity for high tea, I suggest you don't waste it on Woobar.

21 Ocean Way, Sentosa Cove
W Hotel Singapore
Tel 68087258

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