Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jamie's Kitchen - Vivocity

So the naked chef has come to Singapore - missed all that hype when it first opened in July, but when I tried it end Aug it was still freaking crowded. Managed to get a lunch table after 1.5h wait (at least they don't expect you to stand there and waste your life) and used that 1.5h to sample some moon cakes in the atrium.
Btw Peony Jade's Mango cheese mooncake are the best I've tried so far! Really delicious! I'm not a big fan of durian so I wasn't interested in the mao shan wang mooncake but the mango cheese was very fruity, refreshing and not too sweet. They also have salted caramel gula melaka which I didn't quite like cos the texture was too sticky and gooey for my liking and a pink guava mooncake (didn't like the taste). 
 My favourite dish - the wild truffle risotto in the starter portion ($17++) which was creamy risotto perfumed with black truffle. Though despite my love for truffle, I doubt that I would be able to finish the whole portion of this, but it makes a great starter for sharing.
Chicken of the day ($39++)
 This chicken of the day was $39 for 2 small pieces of chicken. No doubt the chicken was nice and tender, with the olives and grilled peppers giving it a nice healthy taste, and a polenta base, but no way am I going to be paying 39 bucks for chicken again. Just give me the carbs please. (I don't know if this was some special free range organic chicken but I'm not sold for all the organic produce and whatnots - I mean if I have to pay $8 for an avocado vs $2-$3, gimme the cheaper one anytime!)
 Squid ink pasta with seafood - not bad - I think the pasta dishes here are generally better than the meats? I heard that the beef is pretty good but I'm dead sure that isn't the case for the chicken.
 Fried polenta
Pretty interesting dish but it was a bit underseasoned.
 Lemon Meringue Tart
When this came, I was dismayed to find that there was so much orange zest! Ok but then again it's a citrus tart, just that I especially dislike orange/grapefruit/mandarins/tangerines/yuzu. I'm only fine with lemon when it's in lemonade and in lemon tarts/curd and maybe sangria. At least, it was quite easy to scrape off. I prefer Marmalade Pantry's lemon tart to this. The lemon layer is a bit too jelly like for my liking though they're really generous with the meringue.
 The tiramisu was really delicious - coffee soaked sponge layers and lots and lots of cream cheese.
I think that they probably use much more mascarpone cheese in relation to the heavy cream, so the cream portion is much heavier and stiffer. There's also a dollop of mascarpone cheese.
I had a difficult time scraping off the orange zest cos it sank into the cheese portions :( If I had known I would have asked them to just omit it and leave my tiramisu unadulterated.

The very wobbly pannacotta. No complaints here but if I had space for one dessert, tiramisu will be it! Not to say that it wasn't nice but it's not one of my more favourite desserts. 

We were seated next to the glass windows so I had awesome lighting - even my iphone 5 photos look so nice without photoediting! :D I think I'll come back for their pasta/risotto and tiramisu but I don't think I'll queue 1h (though Vivo has so many shops it's not that painful to queue).

Jamie's Italian
1 HarborFront Walk
Tel 67335500

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haha i love this review. You got distracted, talked about mooncakes for a while, then went back to Jamie's Italian. Stream of consciousness!