Monday, September 9, 2013


Went to Bacchanalia in June to celebrate 2 birthdays (super long ago I know, but the food was good++ so I decided to write about it!)

It's a swanky restaurant located in the Maisonic club (a very nondescript building), which I trudged past x3 looking for (no signs outside!). It's this blue coloured building just before the post office. 

The restaurant encourages sharing, and that each person have 3 savory dishes and 1 dessert. Besides being chopped into smaller pieces, I don't see how these portions encourage sharing, it just makes the minuscule portion size it even more painfully obvious. The whole time I was just thinking to myself that if only I could get another spoon full of this delicious dish, and I had to consciously ration each scoop and savored each morsel of food.
Prawn Risotto ($28++)
Garlic oil, poached prawn, strawberries and burrata. Fresh juicy prawn, with firm chewy risotto, harmoniously paired with strawberries and creamy burrata.
Aubergine Assam ($16++)
Glazed aubergine, charred aubergine puree, salted konbu crumbs
Hamachi Carambola ($26++)
Citrus cured hamachi, pickled starfruit and garlic, freshly grated walnuts
I liked how the chef used starfruit, which is so readily available locally but hardly used in most restaurants. The citrus wasn't very obvious (thankfully), the hamachi very fresh and slightly raw.
HD scallops ($26++)
Norwegian hand dived scallops, borlotti beans, tobiko, cocoa
Option of adding a caviar supplements 5g for $50

Cauliflower Gratin ($17++)
Deep fried cauliflower florets, white cruffle and cheese foam, germolata
Steak and Eggs ($16++)
Rib eye, pickled onions, "eggs" and chips
Foie Gras Satay ($30++)
Sous vide foie gras with tamarind and lemongrass fluid gel, grated chestnuts, peanut satay
Strawberry macaroons
Tiramisu ($18++)
Marsala mousse, coffee ganache, cocoa gel, blackcurrent ice cream
This was extremely small I don't know how they expect us to share this I could have easily demolished this in 3 mouth fulls.
I thought the food was good taste wise, but the portions are very anorexic, especially when for the exorbitant price tags. If you have a deep pocket, I'll recommend this place - probably one of the better (non-Japanese places) I've had this year. It'll either burn a hole in your pocket or you'll be hungry still (we adjourned to Timbre and ate pizza after).

I think that if you like Black Swan's decor and music, you'll probably like this place. The interior has red velvety cushioned seating, with muted lighting and a really pretty lamps. Very luxurious and swanky, and feels like you're not in Singapore. If you're bored and have time, go read the reviews on trip advisor - some of them are hilarious (mostly directed at the portion sizes).

The Masonic Club
23A Coleman Street
Tel 65091453

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