Saturday, July 5, 2014


We started dinner with the potato chicken and egg croquettes (4 for $14). The potato mixture inside was very smooth and creamy, and unlike the Japanese croquettes which tend to have a rougher exterior (cos of the panko), the crust was smoother. 
 Chargrilled pork belly and razor clams with cauliflower puree ($32)
I would never have thought that the combination of pork belly and razor clams would work, but this dish proves otherwise.
Pan fried crayfish wrapped in Iberico pork with potatoes ($32)
Like the preceding dish, this was had very robust flavours. 

Slow cooked egg served with olive oil confit of tomatoes and Iberico Ham.
This is like a high class version of bacon and eggs, extremely creamy and delicious, would have gone brilliantly with toasted bread. 
Squid ink Paella with grilled calamari ($70)
One of the best paellas I've eaten in Singapore,  the other one is from Pasar Bella. I don't know why so many places overcook it and pass off a gummy mess as paella.
 Pan fried strips of cuttlefish with veal jus ($26)
The cuttlefish looked like kway teow and yours truly couldn't eat it cos there was veal jus. Everyone said that it was delicious and mopped the plate clean.

Aged beef rib eye  - served with the bone (which MT refused to bring back to feed her dog cos it salted. such a waste of a good bone...)
Moving onto desserts - churros! It's so hard to find good churros in Singapore, but these were really awesome. I thought they would have just gone well with cinnamon and sugar, and no chocolate sauce. The outer crust was shatteringly crispy, and the inner part soft and chewy
I can't remember what this was exactly but it was a chocolate tart with a burnt sugar covering. The law of diminishing returns never applies to dessert.

Craig Place #01-02
20 Craig Road
Singapore 089692
Tel 65570547
Do make reservations especially for the weekend cos it's really crowded. It's located where the former Pavillion restaurant was. 

I've had the most horrible dream after eating such a full meal. I won't be able to post the full gory details but the gist of it was that I died and found myself working PERMANENTLY at my workplace zomg. Woke up at 7am and finally managed to sleep properly after! I will forever associate my awesome dinner at Binomio with my nightmare :(

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