Monday, July 7, 2014

Red Lion Freehouse

So it was a sunny day in between Stonehenge, Avebury and Woodhenge, we had lunch at Red Lion. Since the weather was so awesome, we decided to have lunch al fresco, in the back garden (beats sitting inside the stuffy bar), and best of all, there were no flies or any uninvited critters joining us for lunch. The menu has specific instructions for the guests to not feed Stowford, the dog. Didn't see Stowford but we did see a lot of other animals there.
 We went poking around their back yard, and they have lots of egg laying hens
They even have 3 hairy pigs (see how they have long and hairy coats?)
The piglets are 11 weeks old and they will be made into bacon next year. But they're really super cute (like dogs, apparently their intelligence is on par with a 3yo child's intelligence according to this video), and I really like the middle piglet cos it looks like it's smiling. When we went over to the pig pen, the three of them rushed up and wanted to be fed. I didn't eat pork for the rest of the day, but my love for charsiew bao and wanton mee is just too great to give up pork!

Darn, I can't find some of my photos, but we had the Salad of Bombay Sapphire cured watermelon with pickled red onions and feta (7.5 pounds) and the chicken liver pate with Maderia jelly which was so awesome I don't think I can settle for other pates anymore. My liver is most definitely fatty after eating this...
Roast Sterling Halibut with English samphire, Jerseys, cherry tomatoes, brown shrimp and Noilly Prat veloute (25 pounds)
 -Loved the little pieces of shrimps, and the asparagus was extremely fresh.
Confit Creedy Carver duck leg with spring onions, cucumber, chilli, Burbage shitakes and master stock (18)
Duck Confit - which was done in a very Chinese style.
Herb Roasted Guinea fowl breast with sarladaise potatoes, chanterelles, broad beans and roasting juices (19)
I had the guinea fowl cos I haven't eaten it before - it just taste like chicken.
Dessert was Valrhona coca pound cake with confit fennel, chocolate pudding and orange blossom ice cream (8). The orange blossom ice cream was pretty interesting, very floral and with the slightest hint of orange smell (which I don't like). The fennel was cooked in such a way that it resembled celery (but not so crispy). The chocolate was extremely gorgeous.
We also had the carrot sponge with cream cheese ice cream, candied baby carrot, raisin coulis and walnuts (8)

I really enjoyed my lunch here - very unpretentious, casual and with great food. Prices are reasonable and lunch sets are available on weekdays (3 courses for 20 pounds). As usual, it's out of the way so you'll have to drive to get here.

Red Lion Freehouse
East Chisenbury, Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 6AQ
Tel 01980 671124

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