Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shinji - Lunch

I've finally gotten my life back so I shall quickly blog about what I've been up to (in June, that is). 
Finally made it down to Shinji (for lunch, my wallet is bleeding) and I've been kicking myself since for not going down sooner.

Of course, it was for a special occasion - my friend was going to extract her wisdom teeth and wanted to have some nourishment before going on a fast. For me, it was so that I could boost up my omega 3 acid stores which will hopefully improve my poor memory.
Hamachi (yellow tail) - I declare that this has to be the best yellowtail - it tastes creamy and really unlike any othe yellow tail I've eaten
Squid - not particularly a big fan of squid, but I liked how they squeezed minimal lime juice on it that I couldn't even taste it very much.
Chutoro - I thought the chutoro was awesome, until the otoro came next
Otoro - to die for. I really didn't expect the Otoro to come with the entry level sashimi lunch set, but alas, it does! Such a treat.
Akami (lean tuna) - of course, after the otoro and chutoro, this was very unremarkable. Should have eaten this before the fatty tuna
Aji - not my favourite fish.
Katsuo (Bonito)- not my favourite fish either
Prawn - I'm not a big fan of prawn
Anago (sea eel) - so soft and delicious, melted in my mouth in a matter of seconds
 Tuna maki

Tamago and preserved radish
Clear clam soup
 The counter, where all the magic happens.

The service here is so awesome. So my friend books the restaurant, and one day before we realise that she's booked the wrong one! Instead of the Raffles Hotel (which is the original branch), we have wrongly booked the St Regis branch. I call the Raffles Hotel branch to make a reservation, and mentioned that we wrongly booked the St Regis branch for lunch. Straightaway, they offered to help us call St Regis and cancel our reservation. And the dumbest thing was that my friend had booked the correct branch in the end (they gave me a call and told me that) -_-'

I'll probably never ever be able to afford dinner, but at $75++ this was to die for if you're a sushi fan.

Shinji by Kanesaka
Raffles Hotel
Tel 63386131

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