Monday, July 21, 2014

llao llao

I'm a big fan of frozen yogurt - my favourite is yami yogurt, followed by Yoguru. I prefer the icy/sour tasting yogurt rather than the creamy pseudo-soft serve ice cream kind.

I tried the Sanum ($6.90), which is what most people were having. It's essentially like a yogurt parfait. Don't deceive yourself that this is actually healthy - I'm sure that it packs the same amount of calories. But do eat it if you want a refreshing dessert. It comes with soft serve yogurt, with a choice of 3 fruits, a choice of one 'crunch' (think crushed oreos/chips ahoy/ granola/caramello biscuits etc).

I personally don't like my yogurt with chocolate, cos I think it spoils the taste of the yogurt.
Being the boring person that I am, I got strawberries plus strawberries plus blueberries for my 3 fruit. I got the strawberry sauce, which has lots of strawberry preserves, and caramello biscuits for the 'crunch'.

The yogurt here is quite similar to Yoguru's in taste, but has a creamier texture. I'll definitely be back for more! Probably going to order the same old thing cos I'm so boring.

llao llao
I went to the branch at 313 Orchard #B3-55 but there are 2 other branches:

Singapore Polytechnic 
500 Dover Road Polytechnic Food Court 3 

Marina Blvd
Marina Link #B1-04 Marina Square Shopping Mall

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