Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lobster Pince and Pints - my Pre-dinner snack

I was tasked to find a place for dinner on Friday, had spent the earlier part of the day checking out numerous (it's really numerous for such a new restaurant) blogs/articles about the Pince and Pints online, and salivating over my laptop and being hungry in general. If you've heard of Burger and Lobster, the dishes here are really similar, with a local twist.

However, I deemed it impossible to drag another 3 working adults over, especially since no reservations were allowed and there was so much buzz online, surely it would be crowded?

Being hungry and having to queue makes one even more hangry (no this is not a typo) - so that's why I really hate queueing for my food. Just as well that it was my pre-dinner snack or I would have been really grumpy. Rushed down like an aunty from work, and can you beat it? I was there at about 515 and there was a queue. Waited about 20 min before we got a seat.

I think their kitchen is too overwhelmed, and they refused to let us take a seat even though the restaurant was partially full - as their kitchen couldn't cope. Ordinarily I would have been quite pissed cos they have perfectly good and empty seats, and yet wouldn't let anyone sit. But since there was lots of other food places to explore nearby, we went on a short walk and picked up some cakes from Flor.

The lobster roll is nothing short of fantastic. Crispy buttered bun, with chunks of lobster in mayonnaise. Double and triple that serving of cholesterol. No need to struggle and dirty your fingers. I wasn't particularly fond of the sauce at the side, and thought the lobster roll tasted great the way it was. I can't wait to go back and try their grilled and steamed lobster. The fries on the side were forgettable (cos the lobster outshone everything else, and so was the salad.

The chilli lobster comes in a huge claypot bowl, and 5 deep fried mini-mantous. The sauce isn't too spicy (good for low chilli tolerance ppl like me), and is more sweet and ketchup-y. And there's lots of it. I wonder if there's an option of adding more mantous?

I would skip the chilli lobster next time (even though I really like the sauce) because it's just too damn difficult (and I am inherently lazy) to crack the shell especially since it's all covered in sauce, and risk splattering yourself with the sauce. Wear something dark if you intend to order this so you don't create a mess over your chest.

We sat at the bar counter cos we were too impatient to wait for normal seating, and anyway, we had to hurry off for our real dinner (more on that later...)
Well, I actually made a second trip back within the week just cos I was dying to try the grilled lobster.  The best way to taste the lobster in all its glory - completely unadulterated, and just served simply with a side of herbed butter.

Currently, they're opened at 5pm for dinner, and there isn't lunch yet. Hopefully, they start a lunch service soon! The lobster dishes are each $48++, and our 2 lobster dishes cost about $112 altogether. Not bad for such a lot of lobster. Next time I end at 430 you know where I'll be rushing off too...

Lobster Pince and Pints
33 Duxton Road
Monday - Saturday 5pm -11pm

I would suggest putting your name down in the queue then going over to one of the many many bars for a drink if the waiting time is >30 min, that way you won't be killing yourself in standing in the heat, and salivating over other people's food. At least, they're nice enough to not let you waste your life standing in the queue... 

Btw, if you're wondering how they humanely kill a lobster - they use a sharp knife and slice it into half - I suppose it's a much nicer way to die than being boiled alive or have the tail ripped out from the head (like how they do it when they make lobster sashimi). 

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