Saturday, July 19, 2014

Imperial Treasures Steamboat at Ion Orchard

I'm not a big fan of steamboat because I find it very stressful to eat - with people dumping in raw food when I'm trying to take out my cooked food (sure way to get gastroenteritis) and then there's the issue about eating beef. So as much as possible, I try to avoid eating steamboat. However, Imperial Treasures has proven me wrong and I actually was pretty satisfied with this steamboat.
 I was super impressed by their service - I requested to have a 2 sided pot so that the others could eat as much beef as they wanted, and I could have another side for the non beef stuff. At no extra charge. We had the pork bone soup which was highly recommended by our server.
 Something that's I don't get to eat often - the pig liver, which is actually really delicious when cooked just right (like al dente). My grandmother liked this so much that we got 2 more plates.
 Other note worthy stuff - I really liked the siew mai (found it intriguing that we can boil it rather than steam it), assorted balls (pork, mushroom, carp etc), wantons and lamb slices. I also liked this prawn noodle which you could squish out from a plastic bag with an edge cut off, to form a super long prawn noodle. And of course, the quintessential bean curd skin and spinach (not pictured here cos it was already eaten up).
Of course since it's one of the imperial treasures restaurants, you do pay a premium - it's much more expensive than your regular steamboat restaurant, and they charge you a fee for the array of sauces seen in the first photo. I still think that nothing else beats vinegar mixed with spring onions and parsley when it comes to condiments for steamboat (since I have low chilli tolerance). The place is really nice and clean and not stuffy or stinky at all. Still won't choose steamboat as my first choice but  I won't object if anyone chooses it now!

Imperial Treasures Steamboat
2 Orchard Turn 
#04-09/10 Ion Orchard
Singapore 238801
Phone 66369339

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