Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fordham and Grand

Went to Fordham and Grand as recommended by Ms Type A aka the Pang Sei queen. Which was really not a bad recommendation, especially since she didn't do her last minute PS stunt ;P

So this is the entrance to the restaurant - had to whatsapp a photo of it so that no time would be wasted trudging around finding the entrance of the restaurant.
 Burratina, Cherry Tomatoes, and basil pesto ($20)
Burratina and all these other creamy cheeses are my favourite, so I'm always biased when it comes to these kind of appetisers.
 Corn Risotto, Artichoke and Kenyan Beans ($27)
I really liked the Corn Risotto, even though it costs a whopping twenty seven bucks before taxes, for no meat and just carbs and vegetables. The corn taste was so strong and distinct, the whole thing tasted like a really delicious creamy corn chowder. Wasn't a big fan of the beans though.
 Miso Eggplant, Shimeji mushrooms and jerusalem artichoke chips ($17)
Tastes and sounds better than it looks. I thought the artichoke chips were pretty interesting, but the eggplant was a tad too soggy and salty, probably from all that miso.
 Banana Cake, caramel, chocolate chantilly and vanilla ice cream ($15)
The banana cake wasn't too bad, and everyone enjoyed eating the chocoballs.
 Jivara Parfait, Araguani mousse and hazelnut dacquoise ($14)
I couldn't appreciate this parfait - or any parfaits before this one. Somehow I feel that a parfait is masquerading as an ice cream, but is not. Do correct me if I am wrong, but I just dislike the texture in general.
Velvet blanc - wild berries, lime and cream cheese ($14)
I really enjoyed this dessert, despite the lime (which I left aside) - wild berries granite and luscious cream cheese-cheesecake lookalike in a chilled martini glass. 
It was empty when we started, but packed to the brim when we were done.

43 Craig Road
Singapore 089681
Tel 62213088

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Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow said...

Agreed with you on parfait. It's cream pretending to be ice cream.