Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Teppei Lunch

I have finally finally finally made my way down to Teppei - but not for dinner, I think that the wait list of like 3 months is ridiculous. So one fine day when we were walking by and realised that the queue was non-existent (we were quite late for lunch), we decided to go in and try.

What's the difference between Teppei and Hanare? I suppose since they're sister restaurants, they probably share the same supplier. Of course, Teppei's barachirashi was better - perhaps it's prepared with more finesse, the marinate isn't as salty, the chunks of fish somehow tasted better than I remembered it to be at Hanare.

Would I queue for the Barachirashi during lunch? No. I'd rather save time and just go to Hanare, though I think I would really like Hanare much better if they weren't so heavy handed with the soya sauce.

For $17.90, it's really competitively priced and I would definitely be back, just as long as there is no queue.
Free flow of bean sprouts and crispy deep fried fish as appetisers while you're waiting for your food.

The restaurant was small and cramped - I had the most irritating dining neighbour who had super long hair and refused to tie it up. Her hair was blowing all over the place and onto my arm. Hope she washed it. I was fortunate enough that she left before my food came.

Also, I walked out smelling like deep fried food cos it's an open kitchen. Don't come here if you have got to go back to work or for an important meeting immediately after - you'll definitely be reeking of lunch.
As usual, when I'm in the area, we always adjourn to Tsujiri  which is still as good as ever. I really hope they open a full size joint like those in Japan cos I want to eat their savoury dishes and have their full sized parfaits without going to Japan!

#01-18 Orchid Hotel
1 Tras Link
Tel 62227383

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