Monday, August 11, 2014

Pan Delights

Bukit Merah Central has lots of new cafes and I am aiming to check them out one by one! Just a street away from Bukit Merah Central, nearer the library, there's a really nice little cafe, which has great food at really affordable prices. Actually, I did walk past Pan Delights a few times but each time they were so empty, we didn't feel like walking in to try (typical Singaporean mentality). I'm currently regretting and kicking myself for that, cos the food's really great.  Perhaps I usually go there during the non-peak pre-dinner time, so the whole estate is so sleepy and quiet.
Portobello Fries with Truffled Mayonnaise ($8.90)
The beer battered portobello mushrooms are really awesome and I was happy that we chose it as our starter. I'm not a big french fries fan, and spam fries which are fried too try and thin (in which case, they are spam chips and not fries) are really not my cup of tea. However, the portobello fries from Pan Delights really impressed me.

Thick chunks of juicy mushroom - I really mean chunks - with light beer batter, paired with decadent truffle mayonnaise. Extra juicy, extra crispy beer batter (can definitely taste the beer in this), and super delicious. I would come back again just for this!

MT if you are reading this, we should go and eat the mushrooms ASAP guarantee that you will like it too!
Hot Pigs ($13.90)
I had the Hot Pigs pasta - fusili with bacon and chopped bratwurst, with chilli, fresh basil and chunky tomato sauce. It was a little bit too spicy for me, but the pasta was al dente, sauce was robust and was really satisfying.
The scallop and prawns aglio olio ($14.90) was equally impressive - with lots of prawns (seriously, it's $14.90 and a more upmarket restaurant would have easily charged you over $20 for the same dish, excluding taxes). 

They have lots of other pastas including seafood marinara ($14.90), a very interesting sounding chilli crab pasta ($16.90), squid ink pasta with prawns ($17.50, which is also the most expensive pasta dish on the menu), smoked salmon and caviar cream ($16.90) etc which I would like to try soon. 

They also have mains, which I aim to try another time, but that day just felt like a day for carbs.

It's a really small cafe and I think they're quite crowded on weekday lunches? It's pretty empty at about 5pm (at least, on the 2 occasions I've walked past). They also have some dessert, but we didn't manage to try those.
Mind you, all these are nett prices, so it's really really affordable. Do drop by and give it a try!
Head over to their blog site to check out their menu.

Pan Delights
161 Bukit Merah Central
Singapore 150161
Tel: 9835 1147

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