Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Bakery Chef

Along the same row of shops as Pan Delights, is Bakery Chef
The red velvet cake ($5.80) exceeded my expectations. The texture of the cake is heavier and not so fluffy, which is the kind of cake texture I like (think Plain Vanilla cupcake rather than Twelve cupcake texture). Also, there's a layer of dense cheesecake in between the 2 layers of red velvet, as well as a luscious cream cheese frosting on the top.

We also had the chempadak mousse cake. I'm a big fan of jackfruit (in it's natural form) and chempadak (in any processed form), so this was right up my alley. There were chunks of fragrant chempadak embedded in the mousse cake. Pretty interesting local twist to the usual mousse cakes you get.
Bakery cafe is also famous for their waffles, as well as their rainbow cakes (just need to call 3 days in advance to make a booking).

Do drop by if you're in the area - the cakes are really good, though the dining area is rather small and cramped. If it's too full, you can always hop over to Butterscotch for your dessert fix.

The Bakery Chef
Block 161 Bukit Merah Central 
Singapore 150161
Tel 62739211
Go to their Facebook for more information 

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