Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Naked Finn Revisited

So the last time I went to Naked Finn, I liked it so much that I must have gone back at least 3 times after that. And then after, my goldfish brain conveniently forgot about it! Until recently, when I happened to remember how deliciously mind-blowing their food was. 
 Their simple menu - my recommendation is to go for the set  if it's your first time there so you can get a broad overview of what they have to offer. And don't forget to add on the die-die-must-try kangkong - you'll never view kangkong in the same light again...

If there's 3 pax or 5 pax, I'll go for the 2 or 4 person set respectively, and top up a few other dishes along the way so that everyone will be comfortably full. They're not very flexible with changing dishes in the menu, so you will still have to eat the mesclun salad with oranges (which I really don't like), if you're going for the menu. They should totally change it to the kangkong instead.
Naked Finn - Chilled Kangkong, kalamansi and shallot oil
Their totally awesome chilled blanched kangkong with kalamansi and shallot oil. I must really find out how to recreate this dish at home or my wallet will be weeping. I think it's brilliant how this is chilled like a salad, and yet uses the very humble kangkong.

It's now served with a side of sea salt, I suppose, for people who would like a bit more flavour, but I find it perfect the way it is.
 I must totally find out their secret recipe for this beehoon. I'm really not a fan of beehoon, but this really give me hunger pangs and massive cravings. My wallet bleeds.

The condiments at the side - which I never feel the need to use.

 My peach cocktail - white peach sorbet (made in house, so that the cocktail remains undiluted and yet chilled) with Prosecco. It's always a dilemma for me if I should spend my money on a cocktail, or on their desserts (the coconut sorbet with chendol and gulamelaka looks so delicious, and everyone was eating it!) but cocktails won that day.
 Grilled baby indian squid with sea salt and olive oil. As good as I remembered them to be, but I think they didn't come as blackened as previously. Not that they needed any more help in the flavours department.
 Some people find the squid bone a bit annoying to eat, but it didn't particularly bother me this time - happily crunched the whole thing.
 Little neck clams in soup - light broth sweetened by the clams and a bit of fennel and chives.
 The lightly grilled razor shell clams with shallot oil - decided to try this cos I've tried the Vietnamese style one on the set menu.
It wasn't as impressive as I hoped it to be but nonetheless, it was still tasty.
 I remembered the scallops to be extremely good, but somehow my scallop was a bit too soggy for my liking. I'm not sure why but it was definitely much better the last time I was there. Perhaps it was the scallops off day?
 Decided to splurge $55 on the grilled lingcod cos I didn't want to eat the barramundi again. Basically,  a lingcod is a whitefish with large white flakes. It has the texture of a not-very-oily cod, and I can imagine how delicious it would taste battered in vodka and served with chips (see their lunch menu!)

Simple clean, light flavours, and minimally dressed with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It was really delicious but I don't think I'll pay $55 for this again. Perhaps I'll try it in the fish and chips form for lunch

There's been some debate online regarding the pricing for seafood that's so lightly cooked with minimal flavourings. Some people believe that with ingredients so fresh, every dish should taste good and there's little skill in cooking such fresh seafood.

However, I belong to the camp that thinks otherwise. Firstly, it's so incredibly hard to find seafood this fresh. And secondly, it's really an art cooking with minimal spices/seasoning and I am sure I won't be able to cook it as well at home.

I'm going back real soon for the lunch! Hae mee teng and lobster roll! I cannot wait.

The Naked Finn
Lunch Mon-Friday 12-2pm
Brunch Sat 12-3pm
Dinner Mon-Thurs 6-10pm, Friday- Sat 6-8pm (first seating) and 8.15-10.15pm (second seating)
Closed on Sunday
Please make a reservation - the place is really tiny and you'll likely be disappointed if you don't 

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