Friday, August 1, 2014

Texas Chicken - TXtreme Chicken

Original chicken in front, Jalapeño Txtreme Chickne at back
Texas Chicken has recently introduced a new flavour recently: the Jalapeño Txtreme Chicken. I was given 2 vouchers to try the new chicken flavour. I was initially a bit apprehensive about eating the spicy chicken because my chilli tolerance is really pathetic (I can't eat the MacSpicy chicken burger without tearing up), but I found the heat from this chicken tolerable. To be fair, I haven't had the MacSpicy since 4 years ago, but I doubt that my lousy chilli tolerance has improved very much since then. 
Jalapeño TXtreme Chicken
It tastes more of Jalapeño, with a mile peppery aftertaste, rather than just chilli heat. The Jalapeño taste is very prominent, and its special marinade of Jalapeño peppers and spices gave it more kick than the original. The batter layer is very crispy, and like most other fried chicken, is the tastiest layer of the chicken. I got both the original and the Jalapeño TXtreme chicken flavours to compare the difference, and amongst my family members, we unanimously agreed that the Jalapeño flavour was the tastier one.
Here's a close up comparing the Jalapeño TXtreme chicken (left) and the original chicken (right). The batter is much crispier than the original chicken. A 2 piece chicken meal, which includes a handmade Honey Butter biscuit, a side (I liked the coleslaw), and a drink costs $8.20. Would I eat it again? Definitely will consider it when a fried chicken craving hits.

There are currently 10 branches of Texas chicken in Singapore. I went to the Star Vista branch cos it's the nearest to my house. The other branches are  at: nex, Vivocity, Great World City, Westgate, Causeway Point, Gardens by the Bay, Changi Airport, Expo, Causeway point, Changi City Point

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