Thursday, May 7, 2015

Banana Tree

So we conquered 3 side-by-side restaurants within 3 hours - the last being BananaTree. 
All my judge-y friends walked past and completely dismissed the dessert cafe. Despite my best attempts to tell them that it really looked interesting - and all because of the name!! :OAnyway, I managed to persuade them to go in (despite all of them hating the name)and so that's how my post came about.
They have a saccharine sweet concept - desserts on top of desserts and to top it off, and make their desserts even more cutesey - they stuff some flowers on top of the dessert. Presentation ftw. 

So we tried 2 of their desserts (but not their signature cotton candy drink) - one of which (the small pot) was the banana chocolate pudding. I'm not a big fan of bananas unless they're in dessert - and their banana pudding really exceeded my (initially very low) expectations. Layers of cake, chocolate and banana packed into the small pot (on the left).

The large pot is actually the Korena Bing Su - which is essentially a Korean ice kachang.  Topped with a huge ball of vanilla ice cream, red bean, and lots and lots of milk. I wouldn't buy this again though - rather spend my empty calories on the pudding. 

 The interior is really bright and cheerful and best of all there's free flow of iced water. Service is prompt and efficient (they were rather empty when we went).

Banana Tree Singapore
26 Keong Siak Road Singapore 089133

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