Monday, May 4, 2015


 So after my animal-fat-free pre-dinner snack, we hop next door to eat Muchachos.
I've had it once (take away) and it was great - very filling and lasted me through the long and tedious night. So just before we went, the Straits Times had a section of all these incredible people who made their first million before they became 30, and one of them is the owner of Muchachos. I suppose my friends wanted to get some inspiration and hence decided to come here lol.
 I've previously tried the pork burrito, so I decided to try chicken this time. The pork is much tastier (and oilier) but then again, this whole thing is calorie and fat packed so I suppose a little bit more fat won't quite make a difference.
Packed full with normal beans, refried beans, rice, cheese, salsa, guacamole - very delicious and very very filling.
Corn chips with more guacamole. It's all bar seating save for 2 tables outside - so not quite an ideal place for large groups. They're doing a roaring business - lots of people eating in, taking away etc and the turnover is really quick! The burritos and burrito bowls cost $12.50 each, and extra toppings are around $1.50. Would definitely be back.

22 Keong Siak Road 
Tel 62200458

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