Friday, May 1, 2015

Neon Pigeon

Walked past Neon Pigeon a few weeks ago - while trying to digest the pre-dinner snack from Afterglow (more about that in the later posts) and stumbled upon this newly renovated building - the Working Capitol. 

They have a no reservations policy - but then if you end on time like most normal human beings, it shouldn't be a problem.  As most new restaurants nowadays, Neon Pigeon has this sharing concept - though the plates aren't that large. I would strongly recommend that you go in groups of 4, as the large portions are perfect when divided by 4. They recommend about 6-7 dishes so we got 7 exactly (despite haphazardly ordering random dishes).
Since we were ravenous (at least half of us were), we quickly ordered the Smoked Pork Buns with pickled daikon and ginger, umeboshi and hoisin ($24). It's an atas version of the kong bak pau, with nicely steamed leaf mantous. Of course, unlike the humble $1.50 cousin, the pork belly was well done and marinated with a layer of crackling skin, and the salty pickles gave an interesting twist to an old classic.
 The other dish we got really quickly was the slow cooked octopus with cauliflower puree and shimichi ($38). I really love octopus, but then it's usually a hit and miss and I dread getting a tough as leather extremely chewy and bland tasting octopus leg - plus octopus doesn't come cheap so it's double the sadness. This octopus totally hits the spot - soft and tender, with a slightly salty, creamy cauliflower puree.

Smokey Eggplant - mint shisho and lotus chips ($$17) 
one of the starters - the lotus chips were really nice (despite being slightly oily) and the eggplant was lightly marinated in a tangy dressing. I'm pretty partial to eggplant so I  quite liked this dish.  
The only dish of the day which fell short of our expectations - Tuna Crudo - miso pickled apple sprouts ($16). Essentially it was tuna sashimi with some salad leaves, the fuji type of apple and bean sprouts, with a mayonnaise based dressing. Absolutely nothing to shout about. I think you should try the other dishes - they sound much more interesting.
Crispy brussel sprouts - mirin glazed bacon, karashi ($26)
Good portion of brussel sprouts, with sweetish bacon bits - I conclude that anything cooked in animal fats will taste good.
Grilled duck breast - 'katsu curry' pumpkin sauce($38)
One of my favourite dishes for the night - the duck's breast was tender, juicy and completely unlike the over salted and preserved ready made kind. The sweet pumpkin puree acted as a foil for the saltiness from the duck, and I really liked how the little bits of red looked like the pickled ginger you get with the Japanese curry.
House smoked bacon crispy pork skin spring onion egg yolk on rice $38
Comes in a hot plate - I'm not a fan of the pork skin, but I really liked the rice. I would describe it as a cross between risotto and a bibimbap.
We also had some cocktails - the Ichigo-en - jasmine tea infused sake, campari, process, peychaud's bitters
 The kyoho fizz - campa de encanto pisco, june fleur de vinge, grape calpis and soda. Was completely sold when I saw grape and calpis together. Which reminds me that I have yet to try Naked Finn's kyoho grape cocktail :(
 The food came really quickly (perhaps because we were one of the earliest customers) and they were pretty efficient in topping up our iced water.
There's no service charge here (unless you prebook for a group >6) and they don't take in reservations unless your group is >8. Worth trying if you're in the area and looking for something new.

Neon Pigeon
1 Keong Siak Road #01-03 
Singapore 089109
Phone 62223623

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