Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hibiki Restaurant - Bukit Timah

I'm the most uninitiated person when it comes to trying food near my house. Hibiki restaurant has been there for quite some time but I've been dragging my feet and haven't gotten around to trying it. Dropped by Hibiki restaurant for lunch on a Sunday (recommended by C and WKR).
The yakitori is really good but isn't cheap. The Tsukune ($4.60/stick) which is their chicken meatball was very delicious, and so was their Tokujyo Pork ($5.80/stick). It's similar to what you'll get from somewhere like Kazu, just minus their ultra crampness and noise.
We also had some yakitori vegetables - the Nasu ($5.50/2sticks) eggplant with a brushing of miso sauce, Eringi Mushroom ($5/2sticks) and their Shishitou ($3.20/2sticks).

I really liked their tofu salad  ($12) which is quite a generous portion. I'm a huge sucker for tofu salads, especially those with home made sesame dressing. The sesame taste was very strong and it wasn't as sweet as the ready made ones. I really liked how the sliced onions were nice and crisp.
We also had the Negitori don ($20) to share - semi fatty tuna minced with lots of sliced shallots on top of a bed of Japanese Rice. Similar to the tofu salad, I felt that the portion was good sized for the price.

Overall we paid $70 for 2 people - not bad - will prob be back for a weekday lunch to try their lunch sets (the Yakitori don is $19++, comes with miso soup, chawanmushi and a dessert).

Hibiki Restaurant 
833 Bukit Timah Road #01-06
Royal Ville
Singapore 279887 
Tel 65196894

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