Friday, May 23, 2014


The bar scene in Singapore has been getting more and more interesting of late - lots of new cocktail bars popping up like mushrooms. I've been trying some of them before I hole myself up and hibernate for the next month and stuff my brain full of facts. 

And oops I forgot to take a photo of my drink. I can't even remember how it looks like anymore but it's the one on the top left hand side of the picture. The Treat for Kings. Actually, out of the 10 signature cocktails in the menu, only the Treat for Kings does't have citrus. So that was my default choice. 
It comes with pineapple and mint, and wasn't as boozy as I had hoped it to be (especially for the price) but then it didn't rate very high on the potency scale on the menu. 
 The Akami tuna, green apple, kaffir lime and ponzu, which came with a little plastic dropper with more ponzu sauce. ($18). Taste wise it's really good but size wise, you'll definitely blow your budget before you're full.
 The clam sphere, bacon and parsley oil was pretty interesting - think a rich and creamy Boston clam chowder within the capsule. For 14 dollars, you'll get 4 capsules. I might be really unimaginative, and missing the whole point of this molecular gastronomy thing, but I prefer a nice big bowl of the same clam sphere and slurp it down with a big spoon.
Crispy Parmesan Pizza, olive oil caviar, powdered tomato and basil cress ($12)
The pizza fared the best in terms of flavour and taste, as well as value for money. The base was parmesan cheese, with little pops of olive oil. I strongly recommend trying this if you're heading down.
 The baked chocolate mousse, hazelnut praline, and pear sorbet ($12) was actually in a proper regular sized portion. Which was a sweet surprise. Very chocolatey and delicious.
My 2 cents worth of advice to you will be to have a good dinner, then come here for desserts and drinks, seeing how the portions are.Honestly, I think the food is extremely expensive - think Bacchanalia prices and portions, and they even have that swanky lighting in the middle like Bacchanalia.
Level 1 Fairmont Singapore 
80 Bras Brasah Road 189560
Tel 64315315

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