Monday, May 26, 2014

Morton's and Pita Pan

 The happy hour cocktails here are really worth it - sub $16, and with a good amount of alcohol. From our sampling, the gin martini was the most potent, followed by the chocolate martini, lychee martini and then the apple martini. The only downside is that you have to start queueing before 5pm, which is nearly impossible if you are working.

The Fillet Migon sandwich - which I donated 3 to my 3 dining companions.
In the back, is the $16++ fries. I would highly recommending just not eating anything and eat the steak sandwiches, since the fries are just normal naked fries (no truffle oil, no cheese, no nothing) with tomato ketchup.
Anyway, the whole point of going to Morton's (for me at least) was the part 2 - which was eating Pita Pan. Of course, as usual, I couldn't find ANYBODY to go with me to Pita Pan. So I offered ALL my steak sandwiches from Mortons, in exchange for a meat-free dinner. In fact, the other half of the group pang-seied us because of Pita Pan :'(

Pita Pan reviews coming up in the next post!

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