Saturday, May 31, 2014


The first time I blogged about Ichigo in 2007 (freaking 7 years ago!) I somehow thought they closed down for a period of time cos all my phone calls went un-answered, and then I sort of forgot about the place. That is, until I saw atetoomuch's blog entry on it. 
 Raw octopus with wasabi - I really hate the boiled octopus tentacles they sell at most sushi places. Tastes like nothing much, has the texture of leather and I have to chew like mad. Raw octopus, however, is completely different. It's closer to a crunchier, tougher squid. I really like the crunch from the suckers on the tentacles.
 Daikon and tofu salad - if I ever find a good recipe and the time to make it, I'll definitely be making more of these at home. Very light and refreshing, and I really loved the baby sardines, which added a crunchy texture to the salad.
Their yakitori patter - unlike Kazu which has many different kinds of yakitori meats, Ichigo specialises mostly in chicken yakitori and all its variations.
From top to bottom: origin, cheese, okonomiyaki, some sesame thing and avocado. I personally like the avocado one best, because I'm partial to avocados, but the okonomiyaki one is pretty good too (but a bit too salty for my liking).
Chicken heart - it has an interesting texture, if you like pig liver, you'll probably like chicken heart. It tastes like a less bitter version of pig liver. 
I can't remember what this is but it's one of the variations of the chicken yakitori. 

My favourite dish from Ichigo - the Soboro Don ($15++), which is essentially a hot clay bowl, filled with short grained rice, topped with marinated minced chicken, spring onions and a raw egg. Its served sizzling to your table, and you have to stir everything up well, very much like how you would eat the hot stone bibimbap. It's really awesome cos the clay bowl keeps the heat in, so even if you eat slowly, the rice will still remain warm.
I'll be back soon, since I'm now working nearby. Though I must say parking here's a pain during dinner time on weekends, so I'll avoid this place on weekends.
399 River Valley Rd, Singapore 248295
Tel 6736 1340

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