Saturday, May 3, 2014


I must be the worst foodie ever cos I've only just visited Pasarbella last month, even though there were many raves about it being like a farmers market, all the unique foods there blablabla and it being in extremely close proximity to me. I wanted to fanfare and crowds to die down a little bit, since I hate queueing and jostling in crowded places (best way to catch some germs).

Bandung Gelato frm Latte Miele
I'm proud to say that I've finally gone down and darn, I've been missing a whole load of good stuff!! Including Bandung gelato. Ok, so Latte Miele isn't in Pasarbella, but it's along the row of shops outside Pasarbella, so just bear with me). Bandung has to be one of my favourite childhood drinks, and bandung gelato is just the thing to have on a hot afternoon (which is every afternoon in Singapore). 

The gelato had just the right balance of Rose syrup and milk - I can't stand it when there's too much rose syrup in proportion to the milk, cos then it'll be too sweet and not creamy enough. I could eat the bandung gelato all day! (Do note that my review is biased cos I like bandung so much). 

Only thing I didn't like about this place was the kiddy friendly playground, filled with screeching kids. But we sat far far away from them.
Plus sized pan of Paella - from Le Patio
The best thing I ate there (not that I really ate a lot since it wasn't the cheapest) - was the paella. I'm very impressed cos it's about $15 per portion, and you'll get a good sized piece of chicken, prawn, mussels, fish etc etc and some rice. It costs much more in any other restaurant. The paella is delicious - the starchy grainy rice (not overcooked, and brimming with flavour), tender seafood and juicy chicken. Delicious! Add on their spicy garlicky chilli sauce, and you have a winning paella.
 Such an beautiful arrangement - beats any floral arrangement in my books anytime!
Le Patio's Paella - eat it while it's hot
I'd be lying if I said no animals were harmed in the making of this post...
 Randomly walked around, and couldn't get any crodos from da paolo (sold out sadly). Decided not to eat the sashimi cos it was too expensive. Tried finding drinks but they were ridiculously priced. Decided to be cheapo and walked out of Pasarbella and into Giant to buy some more decently priced drinks.

We got tempted into buying some roasted iberico pork from this shop - not the best and it was darn expensive. I'll stick to my cheapo charsiew anytime! The garlic mashed potatoes were really good though! Smooth, airy and creamy. 
The Cheese Ark
We were just wandering around and stumbled upon the Cheese Ark. Thanks to the friendly staff there, we each went home with a piece of cheese. Lots of European cheeses there - the truffle cheese is super delicious, but I can't think of anything to eat it with at the moment.

In conclusion, Pasarbella has lots of good stuff to try - just that it's a lousy place to drag your whole family and extended family down cos it'll get chaotic. And being and early bird is key - cos lots of the places close so early! I'm going to rush down like an aunty the next time I end early (which is, unfortunately, a very rare occurrence now) to get myself some paella and cheese, and maybe a hotdog from Hubers. 

The Grandstand, Bukit Timah Road
200 Turf Club Road Singaproe 287994
Opens Mondays to Saturdays 0930-1930

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