Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Beast

I'm very unenlightened about American food in general - I much prefer spending my money on Japanese food (since I cannot replicate it at home, or find cheaper substitutes for the freshness and taste). I got the opportunity to try the Beast when WKR suggested it. Since she's very against trying anything to do with vegetables, she always has some good suggestions up her sleeves whenever it comes for the monthly to bi-monthly meet ups! (Good to have a backup for her incase I choose some raw/vegetarian food and good for me cos it gives me a break from trawling though numerous blogs and websites trying to find something interesting to eat :D
 Freshly popped popcorn, from their in-house popcorn machines. More restaurants should totally steal this idea - addictive freshly popped buttered popcorn, and the buttery aroma that wafts through the restaurant. And it's not very high maintenance, and other than buying the popcorn machine, it's a pretty cheap snack to make.
 We were getting ravenous waiting so we ordered the pulled pork sliders to start. They exceeded my expectations - generous filling of soft clumps of pulled pork infused with smokey BBQ sauce.
We also had the cornbread as a starter - comes with a little blob of butter and maple syrup. The cornbread totally beats Kenny Roger's cornbread hands down!
The catfish tacos were awesome - really exceeded my expectations. Soft, flakey breaded catfish pieces, served with warmed tacos and an assortment of dips and salads. Excuse to eat like a barbarian, off the chopping board, and with your hands.
The crab cakes - packed full of crabmeat (no need to poke through all the shells)
Sticky buffalo wings with blue cheese dip.
Mac and cheese - not the best I had, and all that cream was getting to me.
The prawn and grits was pretty interesting but too creamy when paired with the mac and cheese.

Blurry chicken and waffles. Cos my hands were oily and I was busy eating. 
The chicken was so juicy and soft, and the waffles remind me of the A&W waffles. 

I must admit that everyone ate a a scary lot that night (might have scared the waitress too) and I was so stuffed after that. 

When I go to a restaurant/bar place, my algorithm is to decide if the food is worth eating. If not, it'll be alcohol to fulfil my caloric requirements.  I didn't drink anything that day :D
By the time it was desserts, I was so full that I couldn't really be bothered what we ate. But I definitely wanted lots of ice cream, so we had the mudpie (underwhelming, really) and a pecan pie (I can't remember what it tasted like. Ultimate example of the Law of Diminishing Returns). 
Better than expected - I definitely won't mind coming back.
The Beast
17 Jalan Klapa 
Singapore 199329
Tel 62950017


SG Food On Foot said...

wow I never know there is such a restaurant there. Great option for my next gathering.

Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow said...

"the waffles remind me of the A&W waffles."

HAHA, is this a good thing or bad thing to you? Coz when I say the chicken wings taste like Old Chang Kee, it's a compliment from me coz I think OCK's wings are awesome. But some people misconstrue it as a bad thing.

Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow said...

Thanks for the recommendation, by the way. It's on my To Go list now. :)

m said...

SG: Great food for sharing. But their tables are rather small - food from our table was overflowing onto the chairs
RERG: Good! Lol I love A&W waffles

Anonymous said...

Excuse me! Im not against trying things with veggie, I just dont envision eating like a rabbit at dinner! :)