Thursday, May 1, 2014

Banh Mi 888

I think all my long time readers will know that Japanese food is my number one favourite kind food, and that Italian food is my second. Although I don't say this often, the third is actually Thai and Vietnamese food, just that I haven't found anything rave worthy in the recent times. I think it's partly that I keep eating my #1 and #2 favourite foods so often and also due to the fact the Vietnamese pho tastes best with beef and chicken is a really poor substitute.

I think the last time I blogged about Vietnamese food was eons ago (Nam Nam). My to-go Vietnamese food place used to be Saigon Baguette, cos I loved their signature baguette but they have since moved to a more inaccessible place in the CBD so I haven't been there in recent times. I also like the Orange Lantern (Killiney Road) and Pho Hua (Holland Village).

I personally think that Nam Nam is overrated and I hate queueing and don't appreciate being wedged like a sardine and overhearing everyone else's conversations. Plus not like their food is super cheap so I think it's not worth my money. Then again, I sometimes go there out of convenience - their lemongrass pork noodles (dry) are pretty good.
Since I don't eat beef, I usually have my pho dry. I have been cheated one too many times by dismal chicken pho (the soup kind) so I don't eat that anymore. 

I find that dry pho much tastier cos it comes with the fish sauce and more condiments. The Pho I got has grilled marinated chicken and spring rolls. I wasn't too impressed by the spring rolls (I think pho hua does it better) but the chicken was really tender and well marinated. I also like the generous servings of grated cucumber and carrots. Makes the dish taste really light and refreshing. Plus I can add as much or as little fish sauce as I want 
Another shot to show you their noodles. 

It's really hard to find good chicken pho, but Banh Mi 888 does a pretty decent one (I know, cos I pinched some of my friends' pho and it was pretty good for chicken pho). 
 The beef pho looked much better - with thinly sliced pinkish beef. And generous toppings of fresh herbs.

Banh Mi 888 is a no-frills cafe and I really think their food's worth a try, especially if you're around the Novena area. The food is really affordable - none of the noodles are more than $10 and the breads are about $5-$7 depending on the filling you order.

Banh Mi 888
#B1-06 United Square Shopping Mall
101 Thomson Road
Phone 63543858
Opening hours: 10am to 9pm

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SG Food On Foot said...

I have to agreed with you that Nam Nam is a bit overrated. Actually they started off quite ok but seems like standard has dropped. Lately, I have discovering nice vietnamese food at Geylang area, off the usual joo chiat area. If you have time you probably want to check it out.