Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kiku - Lunch

It's a tragedy - Aoki's lunch set has gone up in price, and they've taken to mixing short and long grain rice together, so it's not as fragrant. I still not sure if it's worth the price anymore, but in the mean time,  while I mull over this, I've been searching again for another mazechirashi worth eating. 
 Jane recommended this newish restaurant - Kiku, at Duxton, which has very reasonably priced set lunches, and on Saturdays and Sundays too! It is located where the previous Hanayoshi used to be. Decor and layout is still the same, they probably just changed hands.
 Complimentary appetiser - chicken soup which was very lightly seasoned and warming, one of the smoothest chawanmushi I've had in a long long time, and some steamed yam.
Since my main aim was to find a replacement barachirashi set, I of course had the barachirashi set. The portions are rather small, so I had lots of space for dessert. It's really prettily presented - with boiled octopus, salmon, squid, crab and tuna on a bed of rice (proper short grain rice, not the horrible mixed kind that Aoki has).
 This is the sushi set - which has a really tiny ball of rice on the side. Sushi is really fresh, but I think I'll be hungry still if I had this set.
 Fried cabbage, again, which was really lightly seasoned, super crunchy and fresh.

We added on ice cream for dessert - green tea and black sesame ice cream. 

The food here is very very lightly seasoned - so if you're a fan of heavier seasonings and sauces, this is probably not the place for you. I really like this kind of food though, cos I feel that the freshness of the food isn't overpowered by the added sauces and flavours. 

1 Duxton Road
Singapore 089487
Tel 62255567
Opening hours: Monday  to Sat 12pm-11pm
Sunday 12pm to 10pm

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