Monday, June 2, 2014

Pita Pan - Marin Square

I've been wanting to try Pita Pan for the longest time, but then it was at MBS and I hate going there because of the multiple ERPS and the crazy expensive parking. I'm glad that they opened up this Marina Square outlet so I've finally gotten down to trying it. It serves Mediterranean cuisine, which is vegetarian (but has eggs and dairy), and was started by one of the celebrity chefs.

We had their Green Mediterranean Breeze (about $15), which comes with cheese, eggs and spinach. It's a huge pan of spinach dip, very filling and more than sufficient for 2 people. They also have red and white variations - which are tomato and bean based respectively.
Mediterranean Platter with chickpeas
Their hummus and pita bread are rave worthy.

The pita bread was soft, fluffy and warm, and very very fresh. I think this is possibly the best pita bread I've had in Singapore ever.

The hummus was smooth and creamy, with just the right balance of cumin, garlic and paprika. I liked how they also added a spoonful of whole chickpeas on the top for a more interesting texture. I've tried making hummus quite a few times at home and my hummus always turns out chunky :( If I could, I would totally buy a whole jar of this home and eat it for lunch.

I also liked the Falafels, which are mashed and seasoned chickpeas, shaped into balls and deep fried.

I really didn't liked the preserved vegetables (at 9 o'clock on the platter) cos they were either too salty or too spicy for my liking. I think the next time I go back, I'll get them to change it to a fresh salad or more hummus!I don't know what the last salad is called, but it has cucumbers, quinoa and pomegranate seeds in a sourish dressing. It's pretty good when stuffed into the pita pocket with the falafel.
The setup is more of a casual eatery, where you go to the cashier to order and collect your food. The tables and chair there remind me of Subway, however, the one at MBS looks a bit more posh, from the photos I have been looking at online. I haven't been to the MBS one, so I can't comment.

Pita Pan
#02-183A (opposite Lady M)
Marin Square Shopping Mall
6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594

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