Monday, June 23, 2014

Ma Maison Tonkatsu

I'm not the most enlightened person when it comes to Tonkatsu (Japanese pork cutlets), but I'm pretty sure that Ma Maison Tonkatsu ranks highly on everyone's list  (hah! I checked trip advisor that's why I know). Prior to this, I've been going to Tampopo (which I haven't been to for the last few years cos it somehow fell off my radar) and to Saboten once. 
There's another branch at Mandarin Gallery, but the one I went to was at JEM. I even went 2x in one month so that I could try different cuts of the pork and compare, and the food quality was consistent both times. 
The menu is really fuss free and simple to choose from - since they specialise in pork cutlets, there isn't much else to choose (just like how I go to eat fish in some fancy beef restaurant lol).

The pork cutlet set comes with rice (choice of white or brown), pickles, soup and cabbage. The rice, soup and cabbage are refillable. Special mention about the soup - not your ordinary miso soup but a robust soup full of daikon, carrots, onions, minced pork etc. Every time I go there I will drink at least 2 bowls cos it's so tasty (but it's rather salty too).
The photos look the same but actually, they are not! The Kurobuta was the most tender of the lot, but for the $10 price difference, I would be hard pressed to get it again. I personally think their average classic pork chop would suffice. But if your calories are extremely precious, don't sting and go for the best!

Condiments for the pork chop - choice of either spicy or normal tonkotsu sauce, and there's sesame salad dressing in the background. There's also sesame seeds to bring out the flavour of the pork chop.
 Mielle Feuille pork cutlet with cheese($23.80++) which had lots of melted cheese inside.
 Stringy cheese that's Japan Hour worthy. I personally prefer biting down into a juicy pork chop so I didn't order this after the first time, but for those people who like something softer, do try the mielle feuille pork.
 We tried the crab croquette once, but it wasn't particularly remarkable and I think the pork cutlets already overshot our fried food quota for the month.
 Plum wine jelly to complete the meal

Service here is really good - twice I went on a Saturday for lunch, and even though they were severely understaffed, they were very efficient, quick and cheerful.

Tonkatsu by Ma Maison
JEM Mall

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