Friday, June 20, 2014

Chop House

Had free tickets to watch X-men DOFP so we hurried down after work to grab a bite to eat. We weren't very inspired by the food choices at Vivo, so we decided to try Chop House, because there was no queue, was relatively empty, and had affordable prices.

It's opened by the same company as Wooloomoolo, and serves steaks (not that I've tried, but my friends say it's pretty good).
 The chicken tortillas - which was really quite good (or perhaps I was hungry) - well marinated minced chicken stuffed in a piping hot tortilla with accompanying sour cream, salsa and guacamole.
 I had the chicken guacamole burger, which was really quite decent for the price and the portion. Toasted buttered sesame bun, a good serving of guacamole, oozy cheese and grilled chicken. The tater tots are really addictive.
If I'm not wrong, this was the pork burger - it's not bad but it was made from minced pork, as compared to the chicken burger, which is made from a whole chicken breast.
Ugly BBQ chicken burger, but tastes good
The burgers all came with a trio of condiments - there was sweet onion relish, beetroot and some other sauce ( I think it was mustard?), and I really liked the onion and beetroot. The burgers are around the low $20s each. But I think if you're on a tight budget, skip this and go to Carl's Junior for a fraction of the price. 
Will definitely consider Chop House when I'm in a rush for dinner the next time I'm at Vivocity.

The Chop House
VivoCity #01-161-162
Tel 63769262

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