Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lady M

After Pita Pan, we hopped over to Lady M to try their famous cakes.
Banana Mielle Feuille
Their banana mille feuille with extremely flaky puff pastry, lots of whipped cream, soft sponge layers and chunky banana.
Signature Mille Crepe
The First Love layer cakes don't even come close to Lady M's. But the Lady M's cakes are definitely pricier. The layers are really super thin, I think someone must be slaving away over the stove doing it the whole day. 
Green Tea Mille Crepe
I was told by all my friends that I was eating the cake wrongly, cos I was eating it layer by layer. They said that the correct way was to eat all the layers at one go. But then whenever I see foods with layers, I just have to peel them all away. Just like the rainbow kueh and the Ding Tai Fung multi layer steamed cake.
Gateau Nuage
I really liked their whipped cream cheese cake. It reminds me of the Ruth Chris' cheesecake, but in a smaller, more manageable portion. I also liked the graham crust base. I think I probably liked the banana cake and this cake the best. Probably not worth a queue >15 min, but if it's <15min i="" it="" nbsp="" ok.="" p="" s="" think="">
Lady M
6 Raffles Blvd
Singaproe 039594

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Singapore said...

they fly in the frozen cakes and defrost to serve. not made here.