Saturday, June 7, 2014

Level 33

Red Mango en route to Level 33 
 Starting off this post with the Red Mango frozen yogurt - the best thing to spoil my appetite before a heavy dinner. Decided that since I hardly ever venture into the MBS /MBFC area, might as well take the opportunity to sample the frozen yogurt that everyone has been raving about. I think it's something like a cross between Yami Yogurt (slightly sourish and icy) and Yoguru (more creamy), though I won't be making my way all the way down just to eat it. It definitely made the long walk from the MRT station (and getting lost along the way) more enjoyable.
Anyway, I'm not sure about the names/pricing of the dishes cos it was ordered as a group. What I do know, is that the corkage is only $33 bucks (beats a lot of other restaurants, though I'm not sure if it's a weekday offer?). Taste wise, it's pretty good. 
Seafood Platter
The seafood platter was also good - with loads of juicy prawns, smoked salmon, octopus, squid, some other random fish. 
Crab in 3 ways 
Foie Gras
Service here is atrocious - I don't know how they even survive. Probably the worst service that I've had in Singapore for a while. The firs server took our orders (for appetisers and all the platters), and then our order was lost. Obviously we only found out way later (think 1 hour), when we decided to order our mains. 

They didn't realise that we had ordered appetisers, and that with the mains, there would be an insane amount of food and we would ALL be struggling with our mains. So that's what happened -_- "

The food itself wasn't bad, but because there was loads and loads of food, the law of diminishing returns apply. Seriously, from such a posh restaurant, you would definitely expect much better service than that. 
Level 33 
8 Marina Blvd
#33-01 MBFC Tower 1
Tel 68343133

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