Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Platypus Food Bar - NUS Science

I was back in NUS for 2 weeks for a course, and discovered Platypus Food Bar. It now occupies the same spot that Megabytes used to be. They have a small concise menu, and most people come here for their salads.
Platypus Food Bar specialises in salads for the non vegetarian salad eater. It's a simple concept - where you choose your bowl size - $5.50 for a small bowl, $7.50 for a medium bowl (with 2 premium meats and 1 regular meat) or a large bowl for $9.50. I ate the medium bowl every time I went there cos it was just the right size (for me at least).

The salad base is a mixture of salad leaves (not just your plain old butterhead/romaine/iceberg, but a proper mix of different leaves), and then you choose your dressing - I like the honey miso so I stuck with it throughout being the unadventurous person I am, but apparently the tokyo sesame was pretty good too. The other choices are sweet lemon and seville orange, both of which I do not eat.
]They also have toppings for the salad - usually its' marinated tomato and pasta (of which, you can request for more at no additional charge). I like their tomatoes a lot cos they're marinated and aren't sour at all.
You then have a choice of premium meats - some choices would be poached salmon, chorizo, meatballs (either chicken or beef), new potatoes etc. The choices change daily so it's always interesting.

The regular meats are usually chorizo sausage, chicken breast, turkey with beans etc.
I usually go for the salmon x2 servings and for the chicken or sausage if it's available.

They should totally open a branch at my workplace, it's in dire need of better food!

Platypus Food Bar
NUS Science Canteen


Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow said...

damn, looks fantastic! I want some salad now!

Cheryl Chua said...

hello :) do you know what the opening hours are? :)

m said...

RERG: its cheap and good!
Cheryl: sorry I'm not sure but it's open during lunch times from Mon to Sat, closed on Sunday like all the stalls in NUS