Monday, June 30, 2014

Salisbury 2014

 The last time I went for a proper holiday was not too long ago (even though it feels like eons) but the last longish (>3 days) holiday I had was last year.

So I went to London for a miserable 4.5 days and very nearly died when I came home and started work immediately. But it cured my jet lag instantly and my sleep cycle was right back to Singapore time the next day.
 Quaint little towns (this is near Manor House, which I will blog about later)
Salisbury Cathedral
 Salisbury Cathedral, where one of the four existing copies of the Magna Carta
We went for part of the cathedral floor tour - only thing that I remember was that they were really practical - when the stained glass made the place too dark, they knocked it out so it would be brighter.
 Another view of the cathedral. Whenever I go to all these places, I will invariably associate it with Game of Thrones (since its the only TV show I watch now, as a recovered TV and movie addict).
 Awesome scenery and weather (I was told it was lousy weather the whole week before I came), and it was much hotter than I expected.
I've done one driving trip (Malaysia is not counted) prior to this. The only tips I have is to invest in a good car (seriously! You'll be driving it the whole time for more than 3/4 of the day) and a good GPS (we used Tomtom, which has the map for the whole of Europe too). Anyway, since this was like super short 3 day 2 night trip out of London with the main aim of seeing the Stonehenge, it wasn't too much more expensive to get a relatively nicer car (and bigger boot space for my huge luggage).
So we saw the Stonehenge, which is the main thing that we wanted to see, and it was darn cloudy when I took this picture.

According to my mum, when we visited like 26 years ago, there was no visitors centre, no barriers etc etc so we went all the way up right next to the stones and took a photo (need to rummage around to find the photo, which I will upload when I find it). 
The clouds cleared when we went to Avebury stone circle, which is an extension of the Stonehenge
 And of course it was perfect weather when we went to see the Woodhenge.
 This sheep is super cute chilling under the shade (cos its so hot!) There's lots of sheep droppings and sheep fluff around the whole field.
 More sheep and rocks
 Awesome driving conditions and lots of fresh air. (I'm hiding in my air-conditioned room as I write this).
We stayed at this charming little B&B called Cricket Field House. Which has a nice garden, pond, 2 dogs and a lot of ducks. 
This was the day we checked in, super cloudy but it cleared up soon after. And this is the cricket field that the B&B overlooks (taken from my room window). 
Breakfast included 
Choice of cereals, preserved fruit, nuts and berries.  
The breakfast cereal spread

And a traditional English breakfast (including black sausage, see 11 o'clock)
Smoked salmon and eggs. The mushrooms here are fantastic - super fresh and tasty
 Little flower garden where the rooms are.

 This is Snoopy who is one of the most affectionate dogs I've ever met - the owners saved him from a premature death when he was just a puppy, and he thinks he's a human so he sits on the chair at the reception to welcome guests.
More posts on the food later!

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