Monday, September 15, 2014

Assembly Coffee - Evans Road

Best thing about calls are the post calls that come with it. 

 My pulled pork and apple sandwich ($14.90) - lots of soft pulled pork, some sliced green apples (which really helped balance the heaviness of the pork) topped with smoky bbq sauce
 Hmm I think this was some muffin but I cannot remember what!
 Croissant with scrambled egg and smoked salmon ($13.90)
 Shibuya Thick toast ($12) - sugar overload with honeyed toast, ice cream, icing sugar, plus honey greek yogurt on the side. Would probably recommend that you share this cos its really a bit too sweet to be eaten by one person alone.

I don't know why thick toast hasn't really taken off in Singapore, cos it's so darn awesome. And somehow, I can never ever do it at home unless I buy some really good bread... Last time I had it was when Pasta de Waraku came up with this Hanitoast so many years ago (I'm not sure if they even have it anymore, since it was so long ago and I don't particularly like Waraku).
Buttermilk waffle with New Zealand Natural Vanilla ice cream and salted caramel sauce ($11.50). The waffle has the perfect texture (at least to me) - which is not overly hard or crispy outside, slightly fluffy and 'kueh' like texture inside. A bit like those green colour waffles you get from those neighbourhood bakery stores. 
The seating is really limited cos the place is tiny (don't know how they manage to churn out the food so fast since their kitchen is really micro mini. Food is better than expected (since it's a hipster cafe and a lot of these cafes have been disappointing me). 

Assembly Coffee
20 Evans Lodge
Tel 67355647
Closed Mondays

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