Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Lokal - Brunch

 Went for a really satisfying post call brunch at the Lokal. It's a hipster cafe located at Neil road just opposite the Pinnacle at Duxton and Bukit Pasoh Road.

Most of us had the pick and mix breakfast - I personally think it's an awesome idea, since I am really fussy about food and whenever I order the 'big breakfast' there will bound to be stuff that I don't eat (i.e. baked beans, bacon, hash brown etc)

I had the poached eggs - egg were slightly overcooked (if I remember correctly). I don't see why the bread (I picked sourdough, but there's a choice of rye or pumpernickel) costs $4.50.
I really liked

Since their ricotta was made from scratch, I definitely had to try it. I haven't eaten ricotta cheese for the longest time, but it went really well with my bread.
 Their maple smoked bacon - super crispy, nitrite free cos it's made in house. I'm still not a fan of bacon though these tasted more like spam fries (minus the salt).
 The scrambled eggs, which looked lovely and not overdone.
The most impressive dish of the day was the French toast, which came topped with a huge dollop of maple cream (super delicious) and bacon. The French toast was nothing short of spectacular - the brioche was fluffy, buttery and not soggy. 
I would strongly recommend everyone trying this dish - if you're a savoury breakfast person like me, just share it with your friends!
The Lokal
136 Neil Road
Tel 64239918
Monday - Friday 9am to 6pm
Saturday - Sunday 9am to 4pm

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