Friday, September 5, 2014

The Provision Shop

Went to try the Provision shop for a snack on a weekday afternoon. It was nice and quiet, and the food was pretty good for the price. The Everton area has lots of these quaint little cafes, and it's quite nice to explore that area. 
Blueberry lemon cake - tastes much better than it looks. I'm still not a fan of lemon. Though my other dining companions liked it
Polish Dumplings ($5)
 The polish dumpling, which had lots of fluffy potato, ricotta cheese, and some fried bacon and sour cream. Not really something that I'll be craving for, but it was pretty interesting. Haven't tried anything like this before - just carbs inside carbs topped with streaky bacon and cream.
Traditional Carbonara ($14)
The pasta noodles are all made fresh in-house, so I die die had to order a pasta dish. This is the carbonara, and it's supposedly done in a very traditional style, with just eggs and cheese (parmigiano, no less, which costs more than parmesan. You can check out this link to see what's the difference).
It wasn't really piping hot when served, so it got a bit clumpy and I thought it could have tasted much better hot.
It's really worth a try if you're in the area. Their meat based mains are all sub $20, and their pasta is made fresh in house. Do note that the restaurant is really small so you might want to call for a reservation to avoid disappointment. 

The Provision Shop
3 Everton Park
Tel 62259931
Daily 11am - 9pm

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