Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Spathe - Brunch

I dropped by Spathe for a Saturday brunch as I was running errands nearby, and it seemed to have pretty good food reviews online.
Their menu - like Kilo, the menu was different from the one online. I don't know why these places don't update their websites in this day and age...
We had the eggs ben and the eggs royale. Portion was good, and the garlic fries were awesome.
My Croque Madame - which was pretty good - soft bread, enough béchamel sauce to keep everything moist but not soggy, lots of cheese and a runny sunny side up egg. And of course, the wonderful garlic fries.
The eggs benedict - with lovely garlic fries - bursting with crispy brown minced garlic. You can probably tell how much I like the garlic fries here - I'm not a big fan of plain french fries, but toss on some flavourings and I'll be unable to resist them.
The hard boiled yolk in the poached egg. Very consistent as all the yolks from all 4 of the poached eggs were hard boiled. Since we were sharing, I got 1 egg. I probably would have returned my eggs if I had to eat 2 hard boiled eggs.
Our sticky toffee pudding. The pudding itself isn't bad per say, but I really prefer my gold standard Maramalade pantry sticky date and toffee pudding. I'm definitely biased.

Again the service was a letdown - we asked if the sticky toffee pudding comes with ice cream (as being the ice cream junkies we were, we absolutely needed ice cream with it). Our server said no, it only comes with whipped cream. So we topped up a scoop of ice cream (chocolate hazelnut) and told the server that it was specifically cos there was no ice cream with the toffee pudding.

Of course, the ice cream had to come out a good 15 minutes before the toffee pudding. We sent it back cos we didn't want it all melted when the toffee pudding came.

And when it finally came out, there was a heaping huge scoop of hokeypokey ice cream on top! We called the manager over and returned the chocolate hazelnut ice cream - doesn't make sense for me to pay another $6 for ice cream since the toffee pudding already comes with it.

Extremely exasperating end to the meal.
The food's above average, prices average, service poor. I'm not sure if I will come back - I suppose if you have a whole load of patience, by all means, do come and give the food a try, it's really quite decent for the price.

8 Mohamed Sultan Road
Tel 67351035
Daily 11am to 11pm

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