Friday, September 26, 2014

Gula Melaka Cake at Assembly Ground

 Went to Assembly Ground a while back and had this really awesome cake. It's like ondeh-ondeh in cake form. Unlike the local versions of gula melaka cakes which are usually steamed and are usually very light and airy, this one is an ang-moh style cake with robust cake layers infused with the smokiness of gula melaka, topped with lucious frosting and desiccated coconut. The cake's from Maple and Market, which is somewhere in the East, and I have yet to go there.

They had so many interesting cakes including a nutella/peanutbutter cake, which I really wanted to try but we were so stuffed from chicken collagen ramen we really couldn't eat anymore cake.
The main reason we came here was cos MT bought green tea latte for $1.50 on one of her food apps and she had to use the coupon... Green tea latte was apparently not bad, but I was too freaking stuffed.

Btw, I really hated their pokey metal chairs - I was wearing a dress and the stupid chair left imprints on my legs. Really uncomfortable. Possibly don't want too many people occupying the space and loitering around... Wear jeans if you are visiting - you have been warned.

The Assembly Ground
#01-21 The Cathay
2 Handy Road
Tel 67333375
Closed on Mondays

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