Monday, September 22, 2014

St Marcs Chocoro and Dessert

I must be one of the most unenlightened people on earth - I never tried the St Marcs chocoro till very very recently. 

The croissants are really delicious - about half the size of the normal croissants, crispy exterior with many soft buttery whirls inside. 
Kicking myself cos it's really good and I would probably rate it on par with the TBB ones. Plus they're mini-sized so I can try more flavours. I tried the chocolate which was exceptionally good, and the strawberry one. I liked the strawberry filling, but I really disliked the red beans (I don't like red beans to begin with). I think it would be awesome if they could do a strawberry chocolate version. The strawberry tastes like the usual Japanese strawberry sauce (think Yan-yan kind of strawberry, which I really like). 
 They also do ice creme deserts - I had this one (can't remember I think it's Kyoto or something)  - comes with soft serve ice cream, kinako powder, warabimochi(which somehow didn't have a very good texture), mochi balls, and some butter pound cake below.

St Marc Cafe
1 Harbour Front Walk
Tel 62222309
Dail 10am to 10pm

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