Sunday, January 18, 2009

Alegro - and Guess the Mystery Person

Went to this fairly new Spanish snack place called Alegro at Clarke Quay for churros. Prior to this, I've only eaten churros at Disneyland. The churros there are coated with lots of sugar and cinnamon and taste wonderful - crispy outside, and soft inside. Actually, that's one of my better memories from Disneyland :P So with high hopes of having Disneyland-like churros, I happily went to Alegro.

It's a small hole in the wall restaurant, located near pretty the fountain (diagonally across pump room). Actually, I don't even know where it's nearby! Yikes! all we did was to zoom towards the food :D There's only a small outdoor seating area, where you'll probably get smoked out on weekends (even though I went on a Thursday, there were so many chimneys nearby). They have very limited seating - 4 tables but you don't really have to sit to have these snacks.
We had the Bocadillo de Serrano($9) is a baguette with spanish ham and Spanish sauce. The Serrano air-dried ham reminds me a bit of a less salty version of parma ham, and it's one of Spains most outstanding meat product (according to the menu). The baguette is toasted and comes with freshly sliced tomatoes which balances the savoury ham. We had the baguette cut into quarters cos we were sharing, but it usually comes wrapped. The server was so kind to put toothpicks to hold the bread together. Great service for such a small eatery:D The Empanadas ($7) are what we have taken to calling 'Spanish Currypuffs'. It's described in the menu as 'half moon shaped filled pastry pie filled with chicken, tuna or potato'. I think we somehow ended up with the potato one cos I didn't specify when I was ordering, and they didn't ask either :( Anyway, it's exactly like how a currypuff will taste like without the curry.

The hot favourite was the Croquetas ($7 for a full portion, $8 for two pieces in the mixed platter). The bite sized tuna and bechamel (white sauce) were served fresh from the fryer, and the combination of creamy, salty tuna and crispy golden brown batter was lip-smackingly good.

Last, but not least, we ended the greasy meal with the Churros Cheese Cake Bite Set ($8, pictured at the start of my post). It was regular churros with 4 pieces of creamy cheese balls wrapped in cinnamon infused churros dough.

The churros are deep fried and made fresh on demand. They have a churros making machine where the churros dough will be squeezed out from machine directly into a huge vat of frying oil.
The churros was entirely different from what I had expected it to be like. Perhaps Disneyland's churros are the Americanized version? The churros are very crispy, and much harder than I expected. Actually, they didn't really taste like anything, more like deep fried flour with icing sugar and chocolate sauce.

I was pretty glad we ordered the set and not plain churros, cos the cheese cake bites were really good. Soft salty cheese in batter doused with dark chocolate sauce. Though it was really hard to eat with the toothpicks provided, the effort trying to pick up a disintegrating cheesecakebite and the mess created by dripping chocolate everywhere is really worth it.

Their Mixed Berries Drink is pretty interesting, I'm not sure how to describe the taste, just that it's very fruity and has a very pleasant berry taste.

Can anyone identify the mystery person (from our batch) she aspires to eat as glamorously and as demurely as the people we see on TV.
*argh should have pixillated the photo more - everyone can guess who you are alr!!! :(

3D River Valley Road
#01-13 Clarke Quay
Sun-Tue: 12pm - 2am
Wed-Thu: 12pm - 4am
Fri-Sat: 12pm - 5am

Through the whole post I was spelling Alegro as Allegro, and thinking myself that I never knew that allegro, allegretto and presto was Spanish. (They're Italian btw).
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-mc- said...

isnt the mystery person Miss Han? :P

m said...

hello mc! yes it is! Haiz everyone knows must do a not so obvious one now! :D

Harris Chai said...


the churros look really really good! i'm definitely going there soon, thanks for the post! =)