Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Someone in need of a second childhood decided to go to Sentosa to visit the Under Water World (which I have not been since Pri sch) - and I wanted to try Coastes, which is this beach side cafe. I saw an online review on someone's blog very long ago, and the tapas and finger food looked so delicious, but sadly the menu has changed since then. My fish and chips ($16++). I was quite sad cos the finger food that I wanted to eat wasn't there, I was feeling cheapo (cos everything in Sentosa has touristy prices) and I didn't want to pay around $25-$30 for a main with meat. So it was either sausages or fish and chips. The fish and chips were pretty good, and exceeded my expectations. 4 medium sized pieces of crispy golden batter, and soft flakey fish.
The 12 inch cheese sausage bun ($12 I think) which was carbo overload. We all think they should have served a salad instead of fries, or half fries and half salad cos the bun is pretty long too. The hot dog bun is toasted with garlic butter, and the sausage spurts cheese.
Sausage Set ($15++) There's 2 kinds of sausages served with wedges and salad. It's pretty oily but tastes not bad. I'm not an expert on sausages, so I shant comment on them.
Coastes has a waterfountain and they provide disposable plastic cups, so water is free and self service. Great since the weather here's so hot, and the drinks aren't cheap either.

It really doesn't feel like we're in Singapore - with the warm seabreeze, the sound of waves and the vibe from the whole place - super nice to relax. If we weren't going to underwaterworld, I'll be contented just lying there the whole day.

There was this grp of younger ppl who bought 1 drink and wanted to lie down on the deck chairs, but the waiter came and told them that they'll have to pay $20 to use it. I'm not sure if everyone has to pay $20 for the deck chair. And can you lie on the deck chair if you buy a proper meal? Not too sure about that, but then the place was only 10%full.
The best part of UWW is the touching pool (where you can touch small sharks, scaley fish, rubbery starfish and a pufferfish). The pufferfish is very nice to touch, cos it's a weird un-streamlined shape and it flaps its fins madly to change direction, but it's v slow so you can touch it's very smooth and velvety back. Fish(huiyu) said that it's the most terrorized fish ever cos it moves too slowly lol!
And the stingrays are really smart, they will leap halfway out of the water if you have food for them, and press their undersides against the glass in hope that you'll be feeding them ($3 for 5 pieces of cut fish). They really feel like how stingray looks like infront of the bbq stingray stalls, and the colour is the same too. Very smooth. Exactly like bbq stingray without the sambal.

I won't be visitng UWW anytime soon, cos the entrance fee is slightly over $22, and they kept playing irritating dongdongdongchiang chinese new year music. I like the zoo better - entry is only $16.90 :D Maybe it's cos water's so expensive in sgp...

I also don't intend to go to coastes anytime soon. Tourist prices (the whole of sentosa is anyway), and I'm sure you can find better food elsewhere, but not in the beach setting... Man made beaches are good. No sandflies.
50 Siloso Beach Walk
#01-05/06 Sentosa
Tel: 6274 9668
Park at the beach carpark for $1 per entry.

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