Saturday, January 3, 2009

Billy Bombers

Help! I've developed a very unhealthy liking for Billy Bomber's Chocolate Malt Milkshake and Red Skin Potato Salad!It all started with the UOB offer (so gimmicky but I'm such a sucker for all these offers) 6 buffalo wings at 50% off if you order 2 main courses. It's usually $13.90++. It comes in either spicy or tangy sauce (we tried tangy), and look at the amount of oil!! The wings are very crispy, but it's a bit too dry inside. (Actually I don't know if the offer's still on, cos I ate this before christmas).Mixed grill ($22.90++) - the first time I ate at Billy Bombers I ate this (cos Annalisa had a 1for1 mixed grill voucher - last time it used to come with steak but they've taken that off). It comes with a juicy chicken sausage, 2 extremely fatty pieces of streaky bacon (which I don't like), 2 lamb chops, 1 chicken breast with BBQ sauce and a sunny side up egg. Sides are either fries or their potato salad, and seasonal vegetables. This is some Honey Chicken dish (can't remember the exact name but it has honey) and it costs $20.90++

The chicken is very juicy, and the batter has a nice honey after taste. It's really huge and you'll get 2 thighs and 2 drumsticks, and coleslaw and the delicious potato salad (again).The chocolate malt milkshake ($6.90++, add $1++ for malt) is just so thick and yummy, and I like the Malt part. I have to blame it on Carl Jr's Chocolate Malt Shake too - that got my Milkshake craving started :( I have a great weakness for malted stuff, when I see MALT shake on the menu I'll feel like getting it. I'm going to get a heart attack at this rate. And it's so nice thick and chocolatey - actually I think I can make this myself at home with the Malt and maybe I should just make a horlicks milkshake :D Must remember to buy horlicks powder...
Billy Bomber's is really smart - they give all these Merry Christmas lucky draw things, and you'll win a voucher, which entices you back. So far, I've won two $28 discount vouchers (with min spending of $56), a $8 discount voucher (min spending of $16), a free brownie and ice cream (with min spending of $8.90), as well as four vouchers of $15 off for every $30 spent at BillyBombers Jurong Point Outlet (cos they are shifting to another location within Jurong Point).
Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone actually goes to Billy Bombers for the 'American Diner' theme - their seats remind me of those super old cars, and their pseudo jukeboxes at every table. At least their food's pretty good (or average) and it's clean.
Jurong Point Shopping Center #02-24
Tel 67957690
Marina Square #02-176
Tel 73384797

Haiz I want to buy 2 different CDs, and somehow whenever I want to say Il Divo I'll say Il Lido instead :X


julie said...

u must must try the milkshakes at prive...the baileys one rocks my socks (tho its friggin ex)

m said...

hey julie, i've tried the prieve one (stole a bit from claire) but I like the malted kind better - I somehow don't like my alcohol with milk/cream