Monday, January 19, 2009

Oso Ristorante

I've been itching to try the Oso's for the longest time, and the review of Oso on ice's blog was so tempting, I went down a few days after patho (finally) ended. Bread - I liked the cakey focaccia bread, which was slightly moist, with a bright red sweet sundried tomato on top. Although I was really hungry, I'm glad that I abstained from asking for more focaccia so that I'll have space for the 3 courses I ordered.

The pan fried eggs “tegamino” with black truffle purée and mixed cheese fondue ($20), which was the dish that I came specially for. They kindly split the portion into two, cos we were sharing. My egg was slightly over cooked, and the yolk was pretty hard. Not like ice's one, but nonetheless, the salty cheese and generous dollops of black truffle puree (very very generous! especially for $20) was delightful. It also comes with a sprig of fresh rosemary, which you can sprinkle over your egg.
I'm very sad to say that I didn't copy down the item on the menu, and trusted my fatigued brain to remember it. My friend convinced me that I won't be able to remember it, but then I was quite sure I would. Obviously, I have forgotten. But this is a special cheese with black truffle ($20++, I love truffles! I think I should just buy truffle oil so I'll be able to try other things on the menu and not zoom into and order the dish with truffles) and pear. The saltiness and sharpness of the cheese went perfectly well with the sweet pear.
Whole wheat “stracci” with braised wild boar in red wine ($23++)
Again, I stole the dish's name from ice's blog cos I didn't write it down :( And her pictures are so drool-worthy I had to order this. This is the firs time I'm eating wild boar, and it doesn't taste of anything in particular. Not porky, and not very gamey. Maybe cos there's red wine inside? The sauce is pretty thick, and there's quite a bit of olive oil used in the pasta here. Indeed, the amount of wild boar is extremely generous for the $23. I was stuffed by the end of this. And I always have space for desserts.

Again, I didn't take down the exact name, but this is some saffron pasta with monk fish. ($23 or 24?) Initially, we didn't want to order this dish cos we don't quite like the texture monk fish, but then we concluded that ordering a Black Truffle risotto would be truffle overdose (for my friend, not me - truffles are good). The pasta is infused with saffron, and are a bright yellow colour. The monk fish is shredded up and is mixed with sweet tomatoes. I actually prefered this dish to my wild boar. We ordered desserts right at the start, but before it came, we were stuffed. We both ordered the Hot Dark Chocolate Tart "Crostata" with Milk Ice Cream and we didn't regret our decision even though we were extremely full. I was sold when I heard milk ice cream - it's one of my most my favourite ice cream flavours (it's not really a flavour). The chocolate was slightly set on the periphery of the tart, and it was still liquid in the center. Although I'm not crazy over chocolate, the chocolate here was really delicious. I'll definitely come back for more chocolate tart. Alas I was unable to finish the tart, which says alot about the pasta, since I always finish my dessert, especially if it's this yummy. But I did scrape up all traces of the chocolate so the tart base I left behind was white.

Great stuff here. Really worth going. Get the pasta and the chocolate tart. I'm definitely going to come back to try other things on the menu. And you have to checkout the cool aircon units - they have a mirrored surface :O
Oso Ristorante
46 Bukit Pasoh Road
Tel: 6327 8378
Mon-Fri: 12pm-2.30pm, 6.30pm-10.30pm
Sat: 6.30pm-10.30pm (Closed on Sundays)


ratatouille said...

u r a truffle fiend like me! I also heart truffles. thks for the review.

m said...

hello ratatouille, since u like truffles so much u shld go to oso soon :D I must really buy a bottle of truffle oil soon...