Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yogurt Place

I went to AMK hub cos I wanted to find a cheap Spirited Away DVD (the China made kind but with English subtitles - I managed to get Howl's Moving Castle for $12.90 but no Spirited Away!) but none of the many VCD stores had it! Anyway, this is the Yogurt Place in the AMK central building and they were having a special promo where the medium cup costs $3.90 instead of the usual $4.80. Yogurt place serves both yoghurt with different toppings (strawberry, blueberry, mixed berry, nutella, chocolate chips, oreos etc etc) and they also have ice cream yoghurt. For people who can't decide between the two, you can have a half-and-half one, like me! I had blueberry yoghurt with yoghurt ice cream. I think the combination of yoghurt ice cream and yoghurt is fantastic. The ice cream melts into the creamy yoghurt and makes it colder. It's best to eat both together in the same scoop.
The ice cream isn't very creamy, and has the sour taste of yoghurt. Not as sour as yami yoghurt though.

Yogurt Place
AMK Hub #02-66
Tiong Baru Plaza #B1-25
Carrefour Suntec City
Downtown East E-hub #02-102
Kallang Leisure Park #B1-22/23
Takashimaya #B1-07

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