Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mr Kikuzawa is a Size-ist

Went to try Kikuzawa for lunch buffet. It's this little restaurant (only counter seats available) on the 2nd story of International Building (beside Lido).Sashimi - salmon, hamachi, squid and tunaSome fish in ponzu sauce, I'm not sure what fish this is though. The sushi that I tried - can't beat Julies cos I got very pissed with the ever increasing rice balls.

Aji, Sardine, Katsuo, Mekajiki (Sword fish), Aji (again, I like this fish alot), maguro, halfbeak (dunno what this is but I don't quite like it), chawanmushi, negitoro handroll, Tamago, Big prawn, Salmon Roe, Salmon belly aburi (seared with a blowtorch) and unagi. I can't remember some of the fishes in between. This was the ebi that I ate, and the rice size between mine and my dining companions one was super different - mine was damn bloody huge. I'm very sad to say that I didn't take a picture - maybe I'll go back for dinner again and take a picture for comparison. It was a tiny scrawny shrimp (these shrimps are very narrow indeed) and it was perched on a huge-ass riceball like 20 times the size of the shrimp! Freaking tall and big rice ball at the bottom. D:<Minced Salmon with Ponzu and onions - I like ponzu sauce so most things with ponzu will go for me, especiall if it's aji. Ponzu is a citrus based sauce (they have lemon, yuzu and alot of other fruits - I went to Iseatan after the buffet to check it out) and I like all sour things. I bought a bottle of ponzu sauce (without any orange-y things inside) for myself, but I've yet to use it.
To make my unfufilling lunch more worth it, I concluded it by eating 2 jellies, which were delicious sweet and cold, the strawberry is very good - and there's nata de coco bits inside. Jelly is my 3rd favourite food. I should have eaten more of these, but then I was so scared that they will spit into my jelly or maybe even give me a mini-jelly after I ate too much. Maybe I should try it one day.
Mr Kikuzawa is a size-ist, so you'll only get your moneys worth of sushi(and not huge rice balls instead) if you're super skinny like Julie, and you're a bottomless pit (but don't look like one). And don't go there for lunch - the good stuff isn't on the lunch menu.

Iwas reading review online, apparently someone told Mr Kikuzawa that the rice was too huge, and Kikuzawa told him that it's a SUSHI buffet, not a sashimi buffetD:<

I'm quite tempted to come back one day so I can get stamps for my loyality card and do a rice-size comparison. And I'll just eat lots of minced salmon with ponzu. So there's no rice to fill me up lol! Then again, I think I'd rather go and try somewhere else. I think my bill was around $35 after taxes, and I'd rather top it up $3 to go to Sushi Yoshida for lunch.

Sushi Kikuzawa
360 Orchard Road
International Building
Tel: 6738 3833
Lunch $29.90++
Totally not worth it no uni, oyster, herring roe, fugu (pufferfish) blablabla so many things not available! Just pay the 10 bucks more to get all the delicacies!
Dinner costs $39.90++


ice said...

You still want to go back? omg I don't believe it. Hmm... I remember I had uni, oyster, herring roe, fugu etc the time I was there for lunch. Seems like he's tweaked his menu coz lunch is cheaper.

m said...

no lah alr dun feel like gg back i just ate oso it's wonderful! I think my money is better spent trying new places!