Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pasar Malam = Ramly Burger

I spent the last few hours of New Year's Eve rushing from Kiliney to Causeway Point, cos my mum was trying to get a new hp (her old one was going to spoil, so must faster trade in) and the hello shop at Woodlands had the model and colour that she wanted.
Somehow we ended up taking the wrong PIE home, and I was just telling myself that the road looks so nice with all the tall shady trees lining it, I don't remember it looking so nice (usually got a speed camera too!), when we passed a sign which said Jurong Bird Park, and so we got out at the next exit which was Jalan Behar(sp?) which is where my cg's cofm pt stayed. Lucky I didn't spend the first minutes of New Year getting lost in the ulu-est part of Jurong :/

And Causeway Point had a Pasar Malam, something which I hardly see noadays. Anyway, to me, Pasar Malam = Ramly Burger, so I had to go (even though it's super hot&stuffy and noisy with cheena music blaring everywhere - somehow festive music makes me feel super unfestive!).Ramly burger - this guy has a 'mass producing' way of frying it - he does 14 patties at one go. It's $3.50 for the burger (pretty unworth it) but you'll get to see a display of the chef's skills (like sitting at the sushi counter :D). This one didn't have the curry powder though. I like seeing them slice the patty into half and put currypowder inside. It's wrapped up inside a paper thin omelette and generously squirted with bbq sauce, mayo and chilli. Old school popsicles - I've never seen this before so I was very excited when I saw it but all the old(er) people (like my mum) are not thrilled at all. It's this ice bath (with salt) with lots of popsicle containers, and they pour in soft drinks (coke, fanta, sprite etc) and the soft drink freezes up. It costs 80 cents - I think it used 1 cent last time (or half cent or maybe 2 for half cents? I suppose it depends on how old you are lol!)

I was also tempted to buy dvds (the dark knight was going for $8! Rental from video EZ already costs $5) but I've watched most of the shows that I wanted to watch, plus I was feeling stingy, and my hands were so greasy so I didn't want to touch my wallet.

Btw, I was laughing at the Tan Hsuen Yun's (the posh nosh woman) food review in Urban yesterday - quote "Christmas is over and there is barely enough time to prepare for Chinese New Year. Just thinking about the spring cleaning makes me want to curl up in a ball and hibernate until it is all over".

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