Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mazazu Crepe - Liang Court

I'm a complete sucker for Crepes (everytime I walk past a Crepe stall I'll have to buy it unless I'm extremely explodingly full or feeling broke and stingy, especially since the smell of freshly made crepes warfts around everywhere). So I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try Mazazu Crepe. I went to Liang Court for lunch, and while searching hungrygowhere, I spotted the link to Mazazu Crepe. I was very happy cos since I could go there after lunch.

I tried the Strawberry Crepe which comes with Strawberries, Ice Cream (either vanilla, chocolate or green tea, so I chose chocolate), Strawberry sauce and Whipped Cream ($5.80).

They have a more decadant version of the strawberry crepe, the strawberry crepe with a slice of cheesecake stuffed inside ($7.80, pictured above). Since it was after lunch, I was pretty full (but die die had to try the crepe) so I didn't attempt the one with cheesecake.

They use Japanese (or Korean) strawberries. Actually, I think it tastes like Korean, since it's pretty hard to get Japanese Strawberries here. Very impressive, since these strawberries cost more than the usual kind of Australian/US strawberreis. And they taste better too - sweeter and alot more fragrant. The crepe is super long, and I like the way they put a piece of plastic at the bottom, so the syrupy+melted ice cream innards of the crepe won't soak the paper . Reminds me of the umbrella covers in shopping centres for rainy days.

The crepe itself tastes great with the ice cream, it's slightly buttery and has the amazing aroma of freshly made crepe, but it gets a bit rubbery once you reach the bottom, where there is no more syrup/icecream/whipped cream.

According to their website, the crepe consists of flour mixed with bran, so it's higher in dietary fibre and other minerals. Doesn't really matter to me, just as long as my crepe is soft and tasty :D The whipped cream they use is only 25% fat (quoting their website still...) but I'm not a fan of whipped cream so I didn't really try it. It tastes pretty normal to me though.
They have both sweet and savoury crepes, and there was a teatime offer the day I went - $6 for a savoury crepe (with the likes of tuna, chicken, egg etc with lettuce and mayo) and a cup of coffee/tea.
Since they only have one crepe hotplate (or whatever you call that flat round thing), this boy had to wait for his crepe :P
Mazazu Crepe is a franchise from a Japanese Crepe Chain, Mother's Crepe and Cafe. We were served by 2 Japanese ladies, and somehow they missed out 1 of our 3 orders. But they quickly made the crepe they forgot (even though I was nearly done with mine).
There's a small seating area so you won't have to tramp around holding the crepe (though I had already planned if there wasn't any seats, we would just have to walk around Mediya Supermarket since they let you bring in food :P)
Now I can't wait to try the new Japanese mashed up ice cream from Citilink!

Mazazu Crepe
177 River Valley Road,
Liang Court #B1-30/30A,
Singapore 179030

3 Temasek Boulevard
#01-140 Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983


ice said...

OMGAWD! Marvelous Cream is the most horrible thing that ever happened in ice cream history!! YUKS! And it's so expensive for 2 teaspoons of gross CREAM. :/

julie said...

marvelous cream is so not good!! tried their banana chocolate almonds creation...

don't waste your money( and calories) and trudge to tom's instead!