Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oscar's Buffet

Argh I'm damn irritated I'm very very sure I blogged about Oscars Buffet! As well as the day I went driving around in a heavy downpour along (part of) the F1 track but my post is MISSING now!!!!! It's not the first time and I'm very sure that I published it but it's gone from my posts page! Now I'm wondering what other posts blogger has been eating up without me knowing! D:<

I was reminded of the Caesar salad there and wanted to find my blogpost to drool over the pictures, but they're all gone! argh! And unlike the Dulukala restaurant, I'm absolutely sure that I've blogged about Oscars before, since after I blog I'll move my photos into my 'finished blogging' folder!!! Stupid blogger! One more time and I'm changing to wordpress! (Btw blogger highlights wordpress as a spelling error!!!:/)

Anyway, this is the Caesar salad I'm thinking about: mixed in a real cheese bowl and they use the spatula to scrap of a little cheese each time, until the bowl is hollow. Plus the dressing is really good, can taste the anchovies. It comes with real bacon too (not that I like bacon) and finely shredded egg and croutons (and quite alot of other stuff that you can add).They give you this complimentary bread basket before you start, but just skip it it's a waste of space :P It just looks nice that's all. Of course, the first things I attacked was the cold seafood, including prawns, crayfish and mussels. I think there's oyster for dinner but I haven't tried that.
Oscars is one of the better buffets around, the main dishes taste really nice, unlike most buffets where they serve mediocre stuff. There was this tom yum fish (the dry kind) that I kept eating. They also had the usual carving station (some beef thing) and cold dishes, as well as some local foods such as claypot rice and some fried kway teow (which I didn't eat). They have a noodle counter outside (the al fresco area) but we were so stuffed that we didnt want to walk all the way there to look at more carbs.
And they have such a huge lovely dessert counter - sooo many chocolates arranged on top of the counter, including one which was banana liqueur and peanut butter! The one with the red patch is some chocolate raspberry thing. Hope people don't sneeze at the chocolates, cos they're all exposed!And look at all those huge glass jars with meringue, cookies, wafer cones and super alot of ice cream toppings like gummy bear, chocolate chips, chocolate shavings etc etc! So exciting. I want to dash back there and eat lunch! They also have an ice cream counter, and the chefs will help you scoop the ice cream! So shoik no messy sticky ice cream scoops and disgustingly scooped ice cream tubs. And there's also waffles but I was too full to attempt any of that. The one on the left is my ice cream, cos I wanted to try nearly all their flavours, but then I was so full, so the server couldn't scoop nice pretty round scoops for me :PI tried this pineapple flambe dessert, which is pineapple caramelized with butter, served with a scoop of ice cream.
If I'm not wrong, lunch is $45++ (I think it was like $52 for each person after the extra charges), and dinner is $55++
I'm so going back to Oscars once the stupid patho exam is over - I can't believe I'm slogging so hard (not really hard, just that it seems never ending) for FOUR questions and dunno how many pots and 20 mcq:(
The fun in the buffet is having super alot of food to try, and not having to worry about the pricing afterwards :P
Conrad Centennial Hotel
2 Temasek Boulevard(S) 038982
Tel: 6334 8888
Open 24hrs.
Buffet lunch from 12pm-2:30pm
Buffet Dinner from 6pm -10pm.


red fir said...

Looks good the chocolates! :)

haha "The fun in the buffet is having super alot of food to try, and having to worry about the weight afterwards" :O

julie said...

yup my friend had her 21st here and oscars is really bang for you buck...the indian dishes were really nice as well!

and you really missed out on the waffles!! and the crepes!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha because u already pay the price. lol! yeah man changed to wordpress! hahahaha

m said...

ice: lol u don't have to worry :P

julie: super full diminishing returns wont be able to get a crepe in. nvm i shall go again :D

lic: ya buffets are v fun - wordpress format v different if any more posts get swallowed i'll move - alr got my page name :P