Saturday, December 6, 2008

Savoury Food at Canele

Though Canele is more famed for its macaroons and desserts, their food is pretty good.Went to the Raffles City branch for lunch on a Saturday, and it was suprisingly pretty empty. Which is great since I hate going to crowded places - it's the time of the year to avoid town like plague. The best dish there was the Croque Madame - 2 homemade pain de mie (white toast bread) baked with ham, Swiss Gruyère cheese, sunny side up, and side salad with house dressing ($13.50)
The white bread was thick and cottony, stuffed with delicious shaved ham, with oozing melted cheese, and sunnyside up egg with a runny yolk. Very nice! I am going to order this the next time I go to Canele for lunch.
The crepe I had wasn't as nice as the croque madame, though it looked pretty impressive and very healthy. Roasted chicken, figs compote, tomato, gruyère cheese sauce ($13.50) had a measly sprinkling of cheese (bah since I like cheese and it makes the crepe creamy and nice), so measly that the cheese was extremely hard to find. It tastes very healthy though, with lots of leaves and tomatoes, and a handful of sunflower (or pumpkin?) seeds on the side. The crepe itself reminds me of a thosai, crispy outside and nice white inside, though the croque Madam stole the show, so much that I can't really remember much else.

The crepe with the egg right on top is the Paris ham, Emmental cheese and sunny side up crepe ($12.50). I like how egg look when they're sunny side up, even though I don't quite like eating the yolks. So messy.
The waitress there (probably a part-timer) who took our order was in such a rush in repeating the order, she rambled and muttered her way through our seemingly 5 orders (but she missed out one, we didn't know). So we ended up missing one of our orders (out of 5 mains. We thought, at first, that they were still making the Croque Madame. Cos the crepes took super long to come out, and came out one by one (perhaps they only have one crepe plate??) but in the end, this more observant waiter came to ask my friend what her missing order was.
So please don't come here if you're a stickler about starting your meals together cos you'll just wait till your crepe is cold soggy and disgusting.
Raffles City

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