Friday, December 12, 2008

Pizza da Donato

For everyone who's taking osces tmr - all the best! Can't wait for tmr to be overr! and thanks em for the well wishes :D My brother discovered this previously hole-in-the-wall place in 6th Ave. It's been recently renovated, and now has al fresco seating, and a bright red interior, and a tantalising pizza counter displaying all those colourful pizzas.

This is the second time we ordered from the place - a Calzone Puff ($20, the little aluminium packet) and a Donato's Pizza ($20). No service charges or GST for takeaway :)We were really impressed by the Donato's Pizza ($20), which had fresh tasting tomato sauce (tangy, light and not so salty), fresh buffalo Mozzarella cheese, Basil and 2 huge pieces of parma ham draped over the top. The buffalo mozzarella cheese gave the pizza a unique taste - it's not as cheesy and salty as normal pizzas. The crust is thin, but not as thin as the paper thin kind that's overly crispy, and a nice bready smell.
They also serve Square Pizza by the Slice, for $7, and there's really interesting choices - the mushroom one looks really good, and so does the salad and feta cheese.

I'll definitely be back for more - parma ham and buffalo mozzarella cheese goes really well together, and best of all, it's near my house :P There's another branch at Ghim Moh (I've never been there, but it says so on their brochure). I usually call them to order, and go down in about half an hour to pick up the pizza.

Pizza da Donato
No. 8 6th Avenue
Singapore 276473
Tel 62197562

No 21 Ghim Moh Road #01-213
Singapore 2700021
Tel 64651338

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